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  1. Aw man I didn't even get to see the reply to my comment I was just being honest
  2. Under no circumstances are any of my mods, screenshots of my mods, or screenshots of mods I have helped create allowed to be posted to FurAffinity.


    This includes my anthro dragon TF pack as well as the Vulpine Race that I helped work on.


    Along with this are the 4k and 8K textures for Dragonian Textures as well as several massive contributions to CBBE and UNP.

    If I see any of my content on FurAffinity I will have it taken down.

  3. I run different types of adblockers and protection. The first is my ISP - T-Mobile has an active port firewall set up on all of their cellular towers. The second is my massive 35MB HOSTS file with over 100 million entries. Yes my HOSTS resolve sucks. The third is AdBlock Plus, which gives the boot to any remaining bullshit I don't want to see.
  4. TES4LODGEN indeed has settings. When running the program from commandline, you can change a lot of runtime parameters before generating LOD. But you're right, TES4LL can also take a long time with a lot of settings, especially 4K terrain textures.
  5. Have you actually followed the installation settings?
  6. FusionGirl sucks and I will never support it. Use CBBE since CBBE is compatible (afaik) with EVB/BT2. and this only works for followers included with Unique Player Redux and you have to manually copy the body file over. It always will be female only. We don't need another deus ex weeb game. People have already ruined this game with anime mods and I will not allow my work to be used in such a manner. Got a problem with that? Too bad, I'm not changing it.
  7. Facegen should be included, works fine for me. Open the CK, select all of the NPC's I've changed, and then hit LCTRL+F4. This will generate face tints. It says Big Girls, not Bad Girls.
  8. I ran TES4LODGEN at the best settings it could achieve on a separate machine, because TES4LODGEN is CPU intensive. Thankfully I have multiple 8c 16t machines
  9. Okay, this is why. None of your mods are being seen by the game. This is the file programs like LOOT and MO look at to activate and deactivate your mods. You might have to reinstall the game and everything else.
  10. Rig specs are in my sig, I don't have any problem with Oblivion performance at 1440p
  11. Oldblivion is not a performance patch it literally just allows the game to run on DX8 cards anyone claiming a performance benefit is not being truthful
  12. Hey if you wanna add my white tiger textures into this go ahead
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