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  1. RussianPrince

    I done fucked up my game

    Huh. TIL. I don't use racemenu because unlike some people I'm not a bitch about how my character looks. Sp I don't need to worry about that. The issue is related to torches upon further digging, lemme grab my load order and maybe you can pinpoint a mod that affects torches.
  2. If you haven't already noticed, I'm not like "most people". I'm glad you have the capacity to change your mind, unlike some people. Okay, well sorry if it came across that way. Wasn't trying to be demanding, was genuinely curious as to why some of the mods here have so many requirements. So it's not normal to go through post history to judge character? I've been doing it wrong the whole time. Anyways, this is what I have so far. It's written more from a dom perspective because of the Bend Will shout: Solo: "I'm going to watch you pleasure yourself." Vaginal (better wording would be "normal penetrative": "You're going to pleasure my hole(s)." Docking: "I'm going to use you for my own pleasure." SexToy: "You're going to use me for your own pleasure." Cowgirl: "I'm going to ride you." Bodyjob: "I'm going to stroke you with my body." Tense and perspective (replace "I'm going to" with "I want (you) to" or something to that effect) can be changed.
  3. RussianPrince

    I done fucked up my game

    Is the ESP not required? Yeah I'm using the ESP.
  4. I haven't ignored anything, I'm still working on dialogue that makes sense. To assume I've ignored it is asinine. I had some examples ready but I'm guessing you don't want them any more. Have fun with your neckbeardy dialogue. I haven't been complaining, I've been asking for reasons why things are required out of curiosity. Fine, I will. If you want to be such an ass about it too. Wasn't trying to be a jerk. If you haven't noticed from my other 600+ posts this is the way I speak/type. I am terse and say exactly what I' thinking.
  5. RussianPrince

    I done fucked up my game

    Wasn't DSR. It was for combat and let you block with dual wielding. None of my mods currently are combat related yet the issue persists.
  6. I can do that, like I said I'm pretty good at editing audio. My issue is with getting it into a voicetype. If you can give me another template for the voices needed I can cobble something together and post the files. Again, that's not what I meant. Quoting large blocks of text is redundant. Then why does HCOS have so many dependencies if SexLab is already handling the animations? I'm talking about requiring MatchMaker, SexLab Tools, MNC SLAL edition, and SLAL. HCOS shouldn't need any of those if the animations are handled by SexLab. Everything else is required by MNC and those dependencies are usually just drag and drop since MNC has most of them. In addition there's no reason for SLAL to exist, its purpose is redundant to SL Standard. In addition, MNC SLALE needs SLT. SexLabTools is just a whole bunch of fucking around in menus to achieve a result that the mod should do on its own, this is why other mods such as Burning Skies (for the huge mess it is) function. The end user has to engage in a minimal amount of fuckery to get the mod working, that's what production is about and one reason I rarely release my mods (i.e. people such as myself who have gripes with impractical necessities).
  7. No. not what I'm talking about. I already have MNC and HentaiCreatures installed. My complaint is with SLAL and its lack of immersion. I don't want to have to fiddle around in menus just to get an animation working. With SLS and SLEN I don't have to do that. I just talk to an NPC and the animation plays and most of them are perfectly aligned if you don't mess with actor scale. My complaint with HC is that I can't just use my vanilla atronach summon and stick my dick in that, I have to have a special spell for it. Other mods require hot keys. A huge annoyance since I use a gamepad and not a KB/M. If I knew more about animations and how the game handles them along with SL, I'd do it myself. So you'll have to deal with my bitching in the meantime.
  8. SLEN does a pretty good job with basic descriptions. Have you used SLEN? This would be...like basic voyeurism? Is the PC watching the dragon or vice versa? I can do a mesh edit at some point that adds the Maximum CBBE vagina/anus to the dragon mesh. It would need to be reskinned by someone else as I suck at skinning meshes, but I can try. Every mod I make I get better. If I could fucking figure out how to do dialogue I am a very good audio editor so I can make decent female dragon dialogue. I really wish that someone could integrate the dialogue into Sexlab Solutions or Amorous Adventures as that would not require me to download 300 additional mods to get one mod for dragon anims to work. In addition, why aren't we using standard SexLab to handle dragon animations? The manual adjustment feature is fine and using the "setscale" command or using the MCM to manually set actor scale worked fine for Hentai Creatures Dragon Rimjob. It should be pretty simple and IIRC the problem was setting scale through anim descriptors and NOT using the ingame actor scale function. I even made mention of this and was brushed off.
  9. RussianPrince

    I done fucked up my game

    I downloaded some dual wield animation mod at some point. I added some SL anim packs and re-ran FNIS Now I have this strange problem: Equip 1h sword, no left hand. Animations work fine. Equip anything in left hand (shield, torch, spell, etc), animations work fine. UNEQUIP left hand, character plays animation like he's dropping something, then stands idle. Can't pull out sword, attack, etc. Can't move either. If I re-equip left hand everything returns to normal. I've reinstalled XMPSE and FNIS and the problem persists. What am I supposed to be looking for? Is there a tool that cleans my scripts folder?
  10. I can easily do that, just send me the scenarios you need written and I c an come up with something that fits in to the game well.
  11. That's why I love Odahviing, such an adventurous personality. During the fight at Dragonsreach he answers your call out of pure curiosity. Of course I do. /r/nocontext Erikur during Elenwyn's party. Holy shit. He says "bitch" at some point and also tries to make advances during as well. If you need to, splicing dialogue is an option, as that was done for Amorous Adventures and it works well for the most part. You can always splice dialogue to say, "I want to stick it in your butt" or something along those lines. There's TONS of informal dialogue, you just have to look for it.
  12. Considering they are noble Aedra I don't think they'd like you asking for sex at all, since you are still technically a lesser creature. and the Bend Will shout forces them to your command, so you can word it however you want and they have to do it. I don't know, the dialogue is just cringy and overly..."m'lady".
  13. Hey @MadMansGunIf you need help with figuring out a flying position for animation, lemme know. My middle name is "practicality" and I make things work. They just do! If you haven't noticed I only do things if they're practical.
  14. good lord. And what if there's a horny ant inside the slaughterfish's dick?
  15. dialogue needs some SERIOUS work to be a lot less cringy and overly polite... Just cut to the chase, quit beating around the bush with "proper eloquence". Just tell the overgrown lizard to whip his dick out cause you wanna dock him.