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  1. RussianPrince

    Unique Player - White Tiger

    Updated with female textures
  2. Save as PNG instead of JPG. JPG is an extremely lossy format.
  3. RussianPrince

    Black Fox Armor

    yeah, I hate making installers though. Especially after I finish a mod, I'm too tired to deal with the installer method, I prefer manual install for everything
  4. RussianPrince

    looking for a mod

    I saw that, but that only does two items. I suppose I can use it as a template for other containers though.
  5. RussianPrince

    looking for a mod

    looking for a mod that turns "containers" like the ones in vaults and those on the back of trucks into actual interactble containers, like the mod Dynamic Things in skyrim turned those static barrels into actual barrels, and the static crates into actual crates.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how to paralyze the player when they fire a custom weapon. I want to do this via an "enchantment" in the CK. Can anyone help?
  7. RussianPrince

    Noisy Cricket

    Made a Noisy Cricket model, from Men in Black. Now it's easy to make the ammo, just set mini nuke explosion for bullet on impact. But how do I make it so that the player gets ragdolled every shot?
  8. RussianPrince

    Bad Dog's Birds

    Ooo, horned birds. Sounds pretty interesting. But yeah, lemme know if you want me to whip up some hairstyles.
  9. RussianPrince

    SKSE Failed to Initialize Renderer [Solved]

    Thank you. It's better than anything else out there.
  10. Maybe someone who's well versed can add everything that currently exists...
  11. RussianPrince

    Bad Dog's Birds

    If you want you can use my Argonian feather mod, just delete the horns from the mesh. If you need help with hairstyle/featherstyle diversity I can also help.
  12. I have stuff like NSAP. Does that use SLAL or does it use a different method?
  13. RussianPrince

    SKSE Failed to Initialize Renderer [Solved]

    neither can I, but there's this neat thing called Google Fucking Translate