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  1. Vortex sucks monkey dick. People really need to stop using Nexus branded managers because they always have a million problems or cause a million problems. 50% of problems can be fixed by not using shitty software. Switch to Mod Organizer, or manually install mods like I do.
  2. keep the conversation on topic and don't insult people. Be constructive or don't post at all. Multiple account abuse is in fact against the rules. No, you won't. That includes repeatedly derailing the topic with pointless quips.
  3. It still works, I just fixed it on my personal game yesterday. This is for Skyrim Classic, not SSE. See Post #1. If it's not working for you then you're doing it wrong.
  4. I wouldn't sacrifice anything for this community.
  5. If you're going to be unproductive go somewhere else. remind me what happened? I joined in 2016 I believe. no, actually, that's pretty sad.
  6. If you're not going to add to the conversation in a meaningful manner you can leave. TBF the community here as a whole is a LOT cleaner than the one on the Nexus. We have dedicated forum topics for images and people who are members are expected to tolerate nudity. The Nexus is a "PG" rated site until you turn off the mature content filter, but the tiddies and other bullshit always creeps through. The thing that pisses me off the most about the Nexus is the innocent attitude the moderators and community play despite them being very guilty of literally everything, but that's a topic that doesn't really belong here. That's true, but it's a pretty small community and we can be expected to keep pretty clean since there isn't much here in the way of strangers. LL is like a small town, everyone knows everyone for the most part, there are new people all the time but they rarely stay for long. And, all the big people are familiar with everyone, me, Blaze69, MadMansGun, BadDog, NightroModz, and the moderators are all very familiar with each other.
  7. I post my mods to reddit. Some people accuse me of things I haven't done. That affects my downloads and affects my willingness to publish my mods. A lot of people enjoy my mods. https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content/#forums The forum software is $45/mo flat fee.
  8. Do you know what slander is? promote my mods
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Paperback-Oxford-English-Dictionary-Dictionaries/dp/0199640947/ That never goes well. Or, in my case, they harass you and ask you stupid questions like "hey can I fuck your girlfriend?" No joke, that was a PM I received. I don't want that kind of interaction affecting my experience here, so I want to block the person from contacting me. Ignoring simply doesn't work. That isn't the point. Blocking is intended to prevent one user from contacting or harassing another user. The block feature is intended to prevent the game from even being played to start with. Someone sends me a harassing message or replies with some dumb bullshit on a post? Block them, they can no longer have any input. You should see a therapist. There is a period of time between reports and when action is taken - lots of damage can be dealt in that period of time. it happens on Reddit all the time. Some guy trolling my posts won't shut up and uses multiple accounts. Takes 3 days to deal with his ass, meanwhile I've lost reputation in several communities because of this dumb asshat, meanwhile, two-way blocking would have immediately solved the problem.
  10. so, the block feature functions the same here as it does on reddit. It just hides a user's posts. It doesn't prevent them from seeing your posts, quoting you, etc. "ignoring" is such a bad feature. It's literally useless. If I wanted to "ignore" someone I don't need a site feature to do that. Blocking should hide your posts from that user as well. When you block someone on Facebook they can't see you or interact with you AT ALL, and that's the best form of prevention. Ignoring a "problem" usually just makes it worse.
  11. No. Use Animated Dragon Wings if you're going to do that, not my mod.
  12. BLD bumps up armor values significantly. That's all it does. I might be able to create an invisible armor or something, but it would be removed when wearing normal armor.
  13. I need some information first. Is your steam installation on your Windows drive or is it on another disk?
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