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  1. Thx man, got it working right away and after looking into the txt files i think i now know what part you changed to make it work with the can traits instead of the default one.
  2. Thx for the quick fix, no more clipping in my game. Do you have a mod version of this change you could share? I just got into moding ck3 and have not got to the editing/creating mod point myself yet.
  3. Thx for sharing this. Unfortunatly there is major clipping with every outfit. Is this normal? Is there a chance for a patch that fixes this issue?
  4. Unfourtunatly i expirience that same crashes as Nas00. It crashes at initializing (bottom left corner). Obviously this mod is your property and if you are fine with trying a few times on starting the game thats fine. But for me personally it doesnt feel good, so i also have to remove it. I really like the idea of the mod and me wrting this feedback is not to make you or your work look bad. Just trying report potential problems in case you wanna no and change things. have a nice day
  5. Unfortunatly I have to reinstall the mod everytime i restart my PC, otherwise its 100% CTD for me. I hope the will be a fix for it in the future.
  6. Quick Question, I have updated to the latest version today and now the armor stripping feture seemes to be bugged. When i am over the limit it does not automaticly unequip the armor. Only when i take it off and try to put it back on, then i get the debug messege and the armor automaticly unequips. Is this only in my game due to a mod conflict or are there any other reports of that problem? Edit: I compared the old and the new scripts and found that a condition for stripping was added: "&& MilkQ.Sexlab.IsStrippable(akBaseObject)" After i removed it an all two cases it was adde
  7. Found what i was looking for. Thx for the help
  8. Alright, did some testing and from what i see, the changes qotsafam suggested are not breaking the mod. The NPCs breasts where growing/shrinking, making them not a milkmaid anymore through the debug menu restored the default breats and making them a milkmaid again started growing/shrinking the breats like before. So i assume it works as it should. Another question. Does anybody know where i can find the part in the script which determins how much milk is extracted per tick of milking? I wpuld like to speed up the process maybe by 2 times, so it extracts 2 units per tick. Thank you f
  9. Thx for the quick Info, i will try to change the body script. Wierd thing is, i have the SLIF_inflate script in my source folder. Any idea why its still not working?
  10. I am currently trying to make some small personal tweaks to the "milkquest" script. Problem is, whenever i try to save and compile the script i get the following error: "D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\MME_BodyMod.psc(24,7): cannot name a variable or property the same as a known type or script D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\MME_BodyMod.psc(25,7): SLIF_inflate is not a variable D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\MME_BodyMod.psc(25,7): SLIF_inflate is not a variable D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data
  11. Problem Solved: I was missing the source scripts from all the mods BAC is depending on. That was it. Quick regarding the scripts. I tried to make some custom changes to the transform steps, but whenever i try to compile it. i just get a ton of error messages. What a did so far: -Extraced te scripts out of the archive into the gamefolder. -loaded up the creation kit to edit and compile the script - did not work - i tried to compile the script without changing anything and i get the same error messages. So i guess its not my changes but something abo
  12. Alright thx for the answer. Why the change? I dont remember this being like this in older versions.
  13. Quick Question to the latest Version: Is it normal that the0 "[MME] Breast" debuff is always active? Even right after milking and getting the "well milked buff" the debuff is still there. Also in later stages it is there in addition to the [MME] Engourded Breast debuff. is that Intentional or did i mess something up while upgrading?
  14. 3 samll "quilty of life" things i would like to see: 1. MCM Menu option to Enable/Disable hooves. 2. Maybe less armor slots usage. There are often conflicts with armor mods like Amazing world of bikini armor, because of the limited armor slots. Or maybe its possible to create new ones? like 61,62,63,...? 3. Ears. at the moment the "new cow ears" are added to the side of the head, which works fine. But the old regualr human or elf ears are still there. useing a short hairstyle or a long hairstyle where ears are exposed, leaves the player with 2 sets of ears, maybe there is a way to hi
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