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  1. I went to download the great Annoree's Asari Genetics Set, but the download has been down since 2014, which is a bummer. Anyone have a copy laying around they wouldn't mind sharing?
  2. Thanks for both the replies! I think XCAS is the closest to what I vaguely recall, but I'm going to check out the master controller option, too. Thanks to you both!
  3. I had a mod in the Sims 3 CAS that showed the nude body and let you do things like edit pubic hair, apply piercings (belly button, nipple), edit and add body hair (leg hair on men and women, chest hair on men), that kind of stuff. It was an additional tab added at the bottom of the first portion when you'd editing the face and body initially. This was also when you could better place things like tattoos because you could look at the full body. Anyone know what I'm talking about and if it's still available? I'm going back to the Sims 3 and would really like to have it again, it was nice for optimal customization.
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