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  1. Have I understood this correctly that the sex mods don't work anymore ever since sexiles became obsolete? Does any other sex mod work?
  2. How do I install this together with Sexlab Drunk? Is the drunk mod embedded in this automatically so I don't need it when using this mod? Because whenever I try to install one of them it seems to deactivate the other one
  3. I like what i've seen so far. The club aspects kind of reminds me of the text based game newlife that kind of stagnated so its positive that you've picked up the torch.
  4. I haven't played this mod at all, but presuming the old requirements still apply with Sexlab Attraction you should look at the end of that mods support thread. There was some user who had developed a patch for the gender recognition issue: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/30530-sexlab-attraction/?p=1766184 No idea if it works, but worth a shot.
  5. genericname12345 This might be a stupid question, but are you sure its not the DD blindfold that simply has you immobilized? Or is it a crash to desktop?
  6. I run this with Radiant Prostitution and I don't have any issues. I believe there are debug options in the RP MCM that allow you to reset the ai of the inn whores in case something stops working, that might fix your problem. Na that was the first thing i tried back when the issue i had first come up, i been modding and trouble shooting a long time now, the only other suspected mod that may have broke it in my load order is Maria Eden 2.1, so just a heads up if anyone has a similar issue as mine. I had the same issue with radiant prostitution, it doesn't come up in the MCM when thi
  7. Sorry for bumping a really old thread, but I like a lot of these sounds and it would be great to create a way to distinguish between oral and ordinarily cum sounds. Has there been any progress in this matter? Does anybody know where in the CK I need to go to try to change those conditions (including the 2 cum sound limit)?
  8. The Neverwinter Nights mod A Dance with Rogues
  9. Great start! The invisible wall section in the basement is where I got stuck as well, the story doesn't progress from there. Plus I had the ability to access the same house even before I got the key from the stinking theif character. The "owner" of the house didn't seem to mind me walking around there either since he's just standing on the second floor. Edit: Nevermind I tried it again and followed the directions to the lighthouse instead. None of the merchants/tavern owners have anything to sell whenever I activate the barter screen, and I cant sell my own items either. Is the mod ve
  10. Thanks! No luck though... Perhaps others don't have this problem.
  11. Yup, I deleted all the other mods from the folder and didn't press the mouse. I tried unchecking all the extra content as well but that didn't work either.
  12. Game crashes whenever I try it. Sounds interesting though
  13. I wanted to bump this thread, from a glance at the nexus, the creator of Coito Ergo Sum doesnt even seem to know what sexout is, despite making such an extensive mod with adult content. All sexout fans should try the vanilla mod out if you havent already.
  14. Amras animations really took sexout to a whole new level. I appreciate the old animations for what they were back then and the work the predecessors of the sexout community had put in animation wise but man... Amra's stuff were really miles ahead. And while I understand that he doesnt want to babysit us and create content for a game he doesn't play I really don't see the same adult gaming potential in the sims games... Not graphics- or storywise. To each their own I suppose.
  15. Well, the real life example I was thinking about was when a group of heterosexual girls sodomized a lesbian girl with a tire iron and then set her on fire. While it's technically "rape" in the strict sense of the world but I would personally categorize it closer to torture than anything else. Same goes for the extremely gruesome heterosexual rapes in Congo. And while I agree that all rapists probably are motivated largely by the power rush they feel when enforcing their will on others, I believe that in most examples we see here they are at least to some extent motivated by sexual gratificatio
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