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  1. Any chance you would be willing to share it? Because it looks freaking amazing!
  2. Hmmm.... Suddenly got the craving to do a argonian barbarian playthrough... wonder why.
  3. Looks dope! Wont download it yet as my game is unstable as it is. But will definitely keep an eye on this! :)
  4. Have a problem with the Nazeem questline. When you're supposed to summon his enemies to enjoy his wife. I get all four. (beggar, ysolda, food lady, and proventus, or whatever his name is) But the quest doesnt continue? I have no quest markers and if i go to the temple they just run about.
  5. Sorry if I'm dumb and missed something obvious. But is there a way to get the latest version of the mod? I cant find it on the "new" website. Has it been taken down or am I just blind? If so, could someone send me a link? Would be ever greatful
  6. Seems to be working now. Ill take a closer look tonight Thanks for the quick help I didnt even have to press the "begin" button now.
  7. Your first issue is the Begin button... it should be turned on and greyed out by default. Can you share a load order and an error log? EDIT: It doesnt seem to give a error message. My log folder is empty. Loadorder : GameMode=Skyrim Skyrim.esm=1 Update.esm=1 Dawnguard.esm=1 HearthFires.esm=1 Dragonborn.esm=1 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1 hdtHighHeel.esm=1 RaceCompatibility.esm=1 SGHairPackBase.esm=1 SexLab.esm=1 SexLabAroused.esm=1 CreatureFramework.esm=1 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm=1 Devious Devices - Assets.esm=1 ZaZAnimationPack.esm=1 Devious Devices - Integration.esm=1 daymoyl.esm=1 Heretical Resources.esm=1 Devious Devices - Expansion.esm=1 Havok Breast Physic.esm=1 HighResTexturePack01.esp=0 HighResTexturePack02.esp=0 HighResTexturePack03.esp=0 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp=1 RaceMenu.esp=1 RaceMenuPlugin.esp=1 RaceMenuOverlayCompilation - CBBE.esp=1 FNIS.esp=1 SkyUI.esp=1 FNIS_PCEA2.esp=1 SexLab_Solutions.esp=1 sr_FillHerUp.esp=1 Captured Dreams.esp=1 Immersive Weapons.esp=1 METraining & Auctions.esp=1 SimpleSlavery.esp=1 Deviously Cursed Loot.esp=1 sr_FillThemUp.esp=1 Slaverun_Reloaded.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic.esp=1 LABikiniLight.esp=1 LADX.esp=1 Club Riften.esp=1 MergedBikiniArmor.esp=0 FalmerBikini.esp=0 SteelPlateBikini.esp=0 MF_RadiantProstitution.esp=1 Dwarvenbikini.esp=0 DragonBoneBikini.esp=0 BandedIronBikini.esp=0 Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp=1 UIExtensions.esp=1 KS Hairdo's.esp=1 numenume femalebrows MARO.esp=1 [KijikoHair_MalePack].esp=1 Extended Slider Colors.esp=1 TrueEyes.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dawnguard.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dragonborn.esp=1 SGHairMIX2.esp=1 SGHairPackAIO.esp=1 zzEstrus.esp=1 EstrusChaurus.esp=1 SexLabDefeat.esp=1 SLAnimLoader.esp=1 MoreNastyCritters.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreatures.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp=1 SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp=1 NonSexLabAnimationPack.esp=1 SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp=1 SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp=1 Sotteta Necromancer Outfit.esp=1 Wolfbikini.esp=0 SteelBikini.esp=0 BladesBikini.esp=0 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp=1 SLALAnimObj.esp=1 dcc-mse-cowgirl.esp=1 XPMSE.esp=1 archmagecapstandalone1_1.esp=1 Blush When Aroused.esp=1 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp=1 Tribal Tattoo Overlays.esp=1 KS Hairdos - HDT.esp=1 Devious Deviants.esp=1 Ebokini.esp=1 LACompLight.esp=1 HonedMetal.esp=1 NibblesAnimObjects.esp=1 HornyWerewolves.esp=1 HornyHermWolfPlayer.esp=1 karlos_007_allow_vampire.esp=1 SlaveTats.esp=1 Ranger's Berne Armor.esp=1 JaxonzEnhGrab.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic Dragonborn.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic Dawnguard.esp=1 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp=1 ccas_starts.esp=1 SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon by Erundil).esp=1 JBT_SurpriseEquip.esp=1 JBT_BecomingFutanari.esp=1 SOS - ERF Horse Penis CBBE - Addon.esp=1 SexLab_Dialogues.esp=1 sanguinesDebauchery.esp=1 FNISSexyMove.esp=0
  8. Im having troubles getting SD+ to play nice. Or rather to play at all... I've installed SD+ 3.5.2 and its requirements (plus the Fnis sexy walk thingy). It installs itself when i start a save or new game where it hasnt been on before. But when I press "begin" In the status tab in MCM it simply says "SD is preparing to start." "SD has started." But If I try to get enslaved by a anyone it get knocked down with DA and then die. (It has worked with simple slavery before) And if i look in the MCM menu I can still press "begin" again. Any ideas?
  9. Awesome work as always! Btw, What armor is that in set 3? I dont recognize it
  10. Gorgeous work and even more gorgeous character! Ever though about releasing her as a preset?
  11. Thats one Impressive dick right there X3
  12. If you can, please reload a save before the prison and try it again, maybe you can get a papyrus log with an error in it, that I can fix If it doesn't work again, you can do 'sqs slv_riftenJailRape' after being put in the jail you should be stage 500, where the argonaian forcegreets you, you can setstage to 500 or to 1000 the stages 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400 are all stages with forcegreet logic, where you have , uh, lets say some dialogue with the argonian btw, this quest is my homage to a fantastic mod in oblivion called LoversTrueCrime, which I tried to recreate a little bit (only the prison cell part) Yeah I tried reloading a save about 8-9 times before using Slv and setstage. But im starting to think that its my save that is corrupt somewhere. Since im missing more and more dialogue options. And Brutus doesnt do anything when i ask him for work. Must be something thats conflicting or maybe it fucked up between some updates. And my whipping scenes haven't been working since the 20th december patch.
  13. What is "Rapesyourbutt" (the argonian in riften special jail) supposed to do? He just locks my character in place and stares at me. If i use the "regain character controll" thing in MM and talk to him again he just does the same thing again. The quest does not continue. Its obviously a bug. But is there a way to get past it?
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