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  1. Feeling deja vu + need to recollect my thoughts again

  2. You obtain a slightly bigger bust, but suffer slightly marginal back problems as a result. I wish I could sort out my problems in modding Oblivion.
  3. Any game that has been dumbed down in its respective series and or is the same thing that is over and over, extra credit to games that suffer from consoleitis. Examples: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim, Fallout (beyond 1+2), THIEF. I also do not like this new generation of games that encourages a good story above gameplay. Why should I play a game if it's going to be the same as watching a movie? See: Gone Home, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls.
  4. It just seems like TESNexus turned into anti-fun. Here its a bit more relaxed, I feel. I'm glad this place is more accepting.
  5. The one in post 84 is for the 2048 HGEC oiled textures I think. This is specialized for HGEC and HGEC related body replacers. The ones in post 86 is if you want PYFFIed textures and meshes for Oblivion, Shivering Isles + DLC, All Natural weather mod. Those are for game optimization and I don't think they have to do with actual bodies.
  6. Seems I got my initial set-up all wrong for Oblivion, I am going to try and re-install.

  7. Are textures such as these manually installed usually?
  8. Which type of body is seen in the picture, for the tattooed diablo elves? EDIT: It seems when I have installed the textures for these diablo elves, the neck area and the ankles seem to not have the same lighting. Anyone know why?
  9. I am curious about a few topics: For the screenshots and videos I have seen involving people's modded characters, what else is involved other than OBGE, skin textures, and gloss being applied? Are there ENBs available for Oblivion? Is there some technique people use to make their characters' faces? Is there a more suitable alternative start area as opposed to the tutorial jail & dungeon area that has better lighting for designing your character, like the in the pictures from MBP++ on nexusmods, or say, ryou44's blog?
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