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  1. I'm having this issue. Cum is not showing at all, but I don't have 'GlowBeGone' installed. I've checked 'SexLabFrameworkSE v163 BETA5\textures\SexLab' folder to see if the textures are there and they are. I have tried cleaning SexLab and starting new games, and the option is checked in the MCM, but nothing works. At one point I had SL Adventures installed and whenever my PC was "used" while she slept, she woke up with cum on her. However, they don't show up after any sex act. Here is my mod list. If anyone sees anything in there that might be the culprit, PLEASE let me know. Shagging just isn't the same without the love-cream.
  2. I'm having a problem in which my PC and her spouse will not undress for sex when using Spouses Enhanced dialogue. Here is a link to my first post regarding this problem. There is a link to my mod list and custom follower/wife. I thought that it was a mesh problem, but they will engage in naked sex via SLEN dialogue so I have no idea what could be causing this problem. Since posting that first help post, I have uninstalled Spouses Can Live Anywhere since I read that it caused issues with this mod. I have tried re-installing and completely removing, cleaning my save, installing again and the problem continues to persist. I'd really appreciate some help - I've loved this mod since Oldrim and would hate to not have it in my playthroughs. Thanks in advance.
  3. I had the most difficult time finding where BodySlide put meshes in when launching it from MO2... Okay. I found my character's body mesh, copied and pasted, overwritting Toccata's body mesh and it did not work. When I initiated sex via Spouses Enhanced dialogue, both her clothing and my character's stayed on during intercourse. When I initiated it via SLEN dialogue, they got naked, but Toccata had seams on her neck, hands and feet. I went back to the meshes folder and copied and pasted these (overwritting) as is instructed on the description page: femalefeet_0 femalefeet_1 femalehands_0 femalehands_1 But now, when I try to load my game it's an instant CTD. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. EDIT: No more CTD and I managed to undress her via console by removing her clothing from her inventory (it was invisible when wanting to trade). It looks like she has TWO body meshes at the same time. If I overwrote femalebody_0 and femalebody_1 and this is what's happening, then I have no idea how to correct this. EDIT 2: Toccata's body is fixed. MO2 and BodySlide are weird about where the meshes go and I was copying and pasting the wrong .nifs. So that issue is FIXED! HOWEVER, I discovered that the "not undressing for sex" problem lies with Spouses Enhanced. All SLEN dialogues that lead to shagging work and both my PC and wife strip before they get down to business. When I use Spouses Enhanced dialogue, they do not get undressed. I'll go post something over there if I can't find a solution in the Spouses Enhanced thread.
  4. [Inserts sexist joke about cooking food for my wife and now she owes me] Haha! Thank you so very much for this! I’ll do that when I’m able to play in a few hours. I’ll post back with results. EDIT: I hope you feel better soon!
  5. I just downloaded and married Toccata. However, my character can't be intimate with her new wife. I've got SexLab, SLEN, Spouses Enhanced, and SL Adventures installed. Dialogue for both SLEN and Spouses Enhanced both appear and they will only kiss and make out, but never undress at all and/or have sex. They are at max relationship level and I have never had any problem engaging anyone else in-game for sex (both men and women - my character is female). So, to be clear: They will begin to kiss and sometimes go down on each other, but their clothes stay on. Only once did they get naked and Toccata wore a strap on, but they only kissed and nothing else happened. Also, this happened BEFORE they married and were considered lovers. I do have lesbian animations checked in SexLab and as I've said, I've NEVER had a problem having sex with other female NPCs before. If anyone has any idea what's going on, please let me know. Here is my mod list. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys. I've got SexLab Light for SE installed and I cannot select/un-select animations from the animations tab/section of the mod's MCM. I was able to when I first installed it on a new save, but am unable to now after about 30ish+ hours in. I've tried selecting the "clean" option from within, but it still won't let me. Is this a bug? I'm too afraid of re-installing it and messing up my save. Thanks in advance.
  7. You guys are making me so proud. ?
  8. Yeah, I've had to lock all of my NPC overhaul .esp's or LOOT puts them all over the place then I go in game and have grey faces.... I did not know that. Thanks for the info!
  9. That happens to me, too! I don't have Animated Pussy downloaded yet, but with anything else from LL LOOT always gives me shit about Simply Knock. It's so bizarre.
  10. This is incredibly helpful. Thank you very much! xoxo
  11. I've been trying, for over a week after my game suddenly became unplayable no matter how many new games I've started, to make it work so I'm going to nuke everything and start fresh - fun, I know. I've got the graphical and NPC overhaul and ENBs down, but the one thing that has always bugged me is: Where in my load order do SexLab and all the other LL mods go? Most of the big mods always say to be put way near the bottom, and I've got some copies of load orders from people who share their's online that fit my style. However, there's never an LL mod on there. So between Skyrim, the DLCs, unofficial patch and all the way down to whatever goes last, where do the SL and LL mods go? Let's pretend this is my load order (it's from a YouTuber) and use it as a reference. If I want: SexLab Framework SLAL (any animations that I want as well) More Nasty Critters Defeat Simple Slavery (other slavery mods) Kidnapped SOS SL Aroused SL Solutions Horrible Harassment CC Alternate Starts Spouses Enhanced Sexualized Animals Untamed HDT Animated Pussy Adult quest mods Slave Tats Apropos Scent of Sex The list could go on and on... Where would said mods go in "my" load order? Thanks in advance. xoxo
  12. I was thinking of 'Testikles' (geddit?) or 'Diodorus' (god's gift/gift of the gods) but I think I'll go for 'Geras the Younger'. A non-Greek option would have been 'Cohen the Barbarian' from the late, great Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Those names are really hilarious! So how long has it been since you've played a male PC? What's his character and play style going to be like?
  13. I agree on the whole block thing. But I cannot and will not stand to see Comicus being Greek! Mel Brooks would be ashamed!
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