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  1. Hey, I have been looking for the Legendary version of Home Sweet Valley for a while now because I'd love to use it for screenshots. I know there is an SSE version as well on the nexus, but I use LE and I know that there was a version for that game too. Does anyone still have it and would be willing to share it? Thank you
  2. Thanks mate, I really appreciate your help, it seems fixed for me now! For some reason I assumed it would be enabled by default, it wasn't, now I can actually play animations!
  3. Thank you! I selected all the poser mods I have in the installer menu if they were in there, and as I said I also ran PoseGenData.exe with MO2 and activated the output via MO2. The mod recognizes all the posers I have installed in the MCM menu, it just doesn't play any of them, no matter which button I press
  4. Hello! I installed Hotkey Poser Plus (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72623?tab=description) just yesterday, and I ran FNIS and PoserGenData as required and I made sure to have poser mods installed (Halo, ilv, Goma Pero etc). It recognizes the mod in the MCM menu and I can assign hotkeys and stuff, but when I press them nothing moves or changes. I would really love to get it to work, but I am really unsure about what I might be missing. The requirements of the mod are installed, I updated FNIS (I use MO2, so I moved them out of the overwrite folder into their own mod called "FNIS Patch"
  5. They are custom retextures and matchups by MissLexi on nexus. She doesn't share her work as far as I know.
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