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  1. Looks like FO4VR isn't quite dead yet! https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/53464
  2. You really think Bethesda is going to stop here? I don't understand the perpetual optimism when it comes to corporations that have clearly exhibited a pattern of trying to nickle and dime the shit out of its customers. It's not like there's no precedents to look at. Once any corporation gets their foot in the door with some shitty unpopular new thing, they make it the new normal and then force in the next piece of shit they think they can get away with as soon as they can. It never goes backwards either, once they succeed it becomes industry standard. It's a short skip and a hop from Creation Club to lootboxes with random mods inside. Look forward to it.
  3. I for one applaud OP's performance. Fine poetry my dear. Disregard these uncultured boors.
  4. @GimmeBACON Everyone's a little right, everyone's a little wrong. But one side gets savagely ridiculed for complaining about fucking anything while the other is uncritically lauded for having the courage to throw tantrums whenever it doesn't get its way. That more than anything else is why I sympathize with one side and not the other. The celibacy in Japan is an issue because falling birthrates and unambitious thrifty men are depressing the already shitty economy. The only surprise is that it took so long for Japanese men to burn out. Neither side had to like each other, they just had to make babies for their country...misogyny and misandry in balanced measure can result in stability. Japan managed to maintain this state of affairs for centuries but now that they can't offer men any sort of stability or even basic dignity, those men are no longer interested in working themselves to death. Can't wait to see the Japanese government ineptly attempt to rectify this like some Chinese zoo trying to coax their pandas into fucking. It will be both sad and hilarious. Personally I've always held deep contempt in my heart for simplistic subservient men who would sacrifice their health and dreams for such a stupid prize as an idyllic life with wife and kids and ugly little home, but whatever. I guess that was the price of progress. But that era is dying quickly now and it deserves to. Women and robots can surely take up the slack now while men masturbate themselves into a coma.
  5. @gimmebacon So you cherry picked the one instance where someone mentioned prostitutes. So what. The issue is regarding Japanese guys choosing to not play the relationship game anymore, not whether they're finding ways to get their rocks off (of course they are.) I imagine most of them are whacking it to hentai anyhow, they're not salary men. As for grocery lists, are you seriously complaining about them explaining themselves when government and society start blaming them? Are you afraid they're hurting women's feelings?
  6. I bought it for console Careful for spoilers, N:A is one of those games the less you know going in, the more you'll get out of it. Have fun!
  7. You're in for a treat. N:A is one of those games I wish I could erase my memories for and play it fresh all over again. Yoko Taro is seriously the best personality in the whole damn industry and Squenix needs to treat him like royalty. Hopefully it's sufficiently patched at this point, the PC launch was something of an embarrassment (what else is new.)
  8. It's Capcom so I really have no hope at all. They turned one of the best RPGs to ever come out of Japan into a MMORPG/mobile franchise. These days Capcom seems to be trying to drive themselves into the dirt even harder than Konami.
  9. Doesn't NINI have a history of freaking the fuck out over stuff and doing the whole drama llama delete-spree that the Skyrim mod community is so well known for? There was some cryptic shit on her tumblr this week so I wouldn't be surprised if it was that instead of the inevitable consequences for cashing in on unauthorized asset conversions. Oh I guess it was the latter: http://ninirim.tumblr.com/post/165681199825/my-patreon-account-has-been-disabled-but-i-have
  10. Seems this thread is largely about voluntary celibacy. Never understood why people get so frothing-mad at incels. They're just kinda pitiful, not really worth the strong emotions. And what's with the name "foreveraloneguy"?
  11. To add on this, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a game that wasn't intended to be moddable and people said it couldn't be [significantly] modded but some enthusiasts went ahead and created an exhaustive gameplay overhaul for it called "Long War" which extended the life of the game enormously and brought a lot of attention (and probably sales) to it. The devs (Firaxis) were so impressed they completely embraced modding in the sequel and have been closely involved with the community, even hiring the creators of Long War for contract work. There's a lot of games out there I wish would draw the attention of serious modders (always takes a few geniuses to really kick off a scene) like Dragon's Dogma which has quite a lot in common with TES, while having probably the best combat system of any RPG ever.
  12. So when do we get to crucify him? You wouldn't really want to do that, would you? Just think of all of the negative Karma you will accrue! Bad karma? I'll just find a thirsty beggar and forcefeed him purified waters until I'm a saint.
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