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  1. Thanks, I try my best to get variety even though my own tastes are pretty regular. I don't like to trap myself inside a schedule, I just release by whimsy. Last year I released three or four updates a month apart after I had finished updating all my older content to work with the ZeX skeleton. Now, I've been back animating for about a month and I'm thinking about getting things prepared but, as I said, I can't give concrete dates. Thanks, I think there are some more people potentially coming to animate in FO4, so maybe soon we will have a few animato
  2. Hey, I don't really know that much about the FOMOD archive. @CGi might have some knowledge in that regard.
  3. I have no idea what's changed about Fusion Girl but it always had three breast bones that I've always animated since day one. Sounds like they renamed the bones? If that's the case, then that explains why old animations don't show up when you update.
  4. That's the bowling alley thing, where the bowling balls are meant to come back to pick up. In Far Harbor, there's a bowling alley with loads of ghouls in it, so that's why I did that one. Ey! Will be some time before I manage to get one out. I have like one third of the time I used to have for this pack... but I still do my best to make time for it!
  5. I'll update this thread sporadically with images of things I'm working on. I have done a lot of animations with a generic feel to them, which is what I wanted. Now that I've got a lot of animations that have that generic feel to them, I decided now that some new stuff will have little bit of flavor to it. Here's some still previews of things I've got in the pipeline: Forgot to hide the rig, oh well.
  6. I dunno dude, sounds like she might throw up on some guys' dicks!
  7. 0001-3701.webm Here's a little preview render of the Super Mutant Reverse Cowgirl animation I posted a preview of earlier that you can expect to see next update (whenever that is). I won't do these for every one, they take quite a bit of time to render but you can see how I approach an animation and how certain stages are designed to transition into others while others are meant to be controlled by the PC or NPC, depending on whatever situational mod you use. I have a great deal of new poses laid out, plus some of my earlier work that needs finishing still. Hope it's a
  8. Rule 34. Y'know, animated porn, video game characters etc. Check out my redgifs in my signature for some of the stuff if you haven't already.
  9. I suppose I'll ask it here since we're on the topic now. Although I already have a subscribestar, would people like a patreon option? Keep in mind, I'd be mainly posting my R34 on it, this mod would still be free. I also can't guarantee they won't just shut the patreon down, because they have done for a lot of animators, there's no clear guidelines on what you can or can't do, Patreon can just decide you broke some imaginary rule and nuke your page.
  10. Not without another mod that does it for you. I don't know which ones do it but I think Hardship probably does. I don't have anything AAF except my pack in my game though so don't quote me on that.
  11. Hey all, just wanna update you all on recent developments. Everything's okay and I am back to making content for this mod, albeit slowly. Here's some shitty renders of what I am working on currently: FSM010001-0500.webm FSM020001-0500.webm FG2.webm FFM2.webm Plus a lot more, so hopefully in the near future I'll have an update for you all.
  12. News Some bad news guys, my Max license has expired so I can't make any more animations. This mod is gonna have to be put on indefinite hiatus until I can buy Max or something. Play it with the AAF wizard and it'll loop over and over. No, I don't like to do things where it doesn't make sense. If loads of wild dogs or wolves got someone alone they'd just eat her. That's why I don't do deathclaws either. Hey, unfortunately I tend to delete my older stuff after a while, so I've only got versions going back to wha
  13. Yo, just checking in to tell ya'll I'm still about (Happy New Year), I've been playing through Fallout 4 again to see who and what is where; raiders, super mutants, ghouls etc to plan for new animations to hopefully make some contexual stuff. I have IRL stuff to take care of still, mainly work related so it's taking a big amount of focus. I have already got a lot of new animations posed, but I also need to merge some old files to save space. Your average .hkx file used by fallout is about 120kb in size, but the reference files used to animate with are anything between 50,000-120,00
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