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  1. You're welcome. I've noticed this sometimes, I'll have a look at the weekend to see if I can pinpoint the issue.
  2. Okay, glad it's alright. NMM's never given me huge issues but people recommend MO2 and Vortex because they're supported now whereas NMM is more open source now. You only need Ulfberth's Creature Patch for creatures, nothing else. I'll correspond with him and see if there's any particular issues though. Yeah, I think it might be like stepping on land mines attempting to fix it, it'd probably break something else. For now I'm afraid you'll just have to stop/start to view them, sadly. I definitely don't like to step on the lore. My line of thought is that the mutated humans are still technically humans, with ferals operating at the most base instincts for survival, that includes the need to reproduce and even in real life the body prioritises reproduction over any other function including repairing injuries. Super Mutants in both FO1&2 have both had relations with humans (there's a prisoner in Mariposa that is implied to be in love with a super mutant guard and there's Francis in Broken Hills who can make the player his gimp if they lose to him at arm wrestling). Behemoths are just heavily mutated humans. Deathclaws would only work for me if they were the FO2 talking variety but I know they don't exist in FO4 so that's not something I'd do. I see them as territorial predators that'd kill and eat you before anything else. Same for other predators like Radscorpions and Yao Guai's, as well as feral dogs and wolves. I think I said earlier that insectoid ones are a maybe, with some parasite impregnation scenario if it works but I think generally they operate like other predators. Might do aliens with some kinda telekinesis style effect where they're paralyzing the player and just kinda doing it using psychic powers. For the mouth clipping, it's just the expression for the open mouth doesn't open it fully, I need to experiment with MFG Morphs to find the best values for those animations. Would be cool if there was a way to force lips open with objects. Maybe in the future.
  3. Hey, best way to figure it out will be simple trial and error. in this case i'd disable or uninstall Themes, because that seems to be the only other AAF mod you have and try to manually start a couch animation, then reinstall/re-enable themes and see if you get the problem again. The creature patch itself doesn't affect any XMLs, just adds meshes for creatures to use.
  4. What patch are you talking about? I'd check one of your patches, it's probably messed with the positiondata and taken the furniture out of the position. Here's an example of what it should look like:
  5. I did think about mirelurks for that. They seem to operate with an ant-like hierarchy with drones which are mostly female, warriors which are mostly male, queens etc. Made sense too, since mirelurk queens look like huge versions of regular mirelurk drones. Then there's the fact that they're based of aquatic creatures too, like crabs and lobsters. When those want to reproduce they emit pheromones and even do a little mating dance, so my line of thought was that the scenario would be like regular drones would be ready to mate, if there's no queen around, you kill it and get covered in invisible mirelurk pheromones which attracts a mirelurk king if he's nearby or something like that, then bam. I don't really have time to mod something like that into the game though, too busy animating!
  6. Sure thing, that's only like five animations anyway. Good luck getting them working in the future. Thanks, and I don't think I'll be doing gangbang creature stuff. I like to keep things grounded for the most part. I actually put a lot of thought into why some creatures could be an option in the first place. Maybe insects have some kinda parasitical impregnation scenario going on but I see no mention of things in the lore. The only other creature I'm working on is a Mirelurk King and I could see them attempting something depending on certain conditions like a woman gets covered in mirelurk pheromones or something. Maybe in the future that'll change but for now I still have a lot of other things to finish.
  7. Delete the Behemoth file I uploaded. I've deleted it from downloads anyway now. Okay, maybe something to do with morphs relating to those bodies. If you have some patches that are referencing the old weight bench names then it'll cause problems because the patch is looking for names that don't exist. By itself, my mod causes no issues and I know because I run my game with no errors and I just have my mod alone. Halstrom's Themes is fine, I've checked it, so it must be another patch you have. I don't know what patches have updated for my mod recently, I stay away from that and simply focus on my own things, so it's up to you to determine what mod you have installed is interfering and let the author know about the problem but I can tell you now that using my mod alone causes no problems.
  8. No problem. You got any other mods or patches installed? Did you follow my install instructions and overwrite any older patches you may have? I looked at Themes200512 and the positions are accurate so that shouldn't be giving you errors. My game works totally fine and I have only got my mod installed, so it's not an issue with my pack specifically.
  9. Thanks, and here you go. It goes without saying don't upload it to Nexus or anything like that. Fusion - SavageCabbage Preset - Angela.7z
  10. Yeah, body morphs are a bad way of doing it anyway in my opinion. Maybe one day Leito will return and update his stuff but until then it's a catch-22. It might just be a case that that mod is just XML files for AAF, in which case you can simply remove any reference to my animations from it. If it is a body though, yeah it's just a bad siutation.
  11. Well I know for a fact that Leito's animations don't have animated vaginal/anal openings because those animations were made before the extended skeleton even existed. Mine are explicitly hand animated using the vaginal/anal bones from the ZaZ Extended Skeleton, and you'll not see it without a compatibly body i.e. Fusion Girl. Sounds to me like you have some patch that affects body morphs which are unrelated to the skeleton bones so you're probably using CBBE or something like that, yes? Installing my new update would override that patch and make it not visible anymore.
  12. Yeah, and stomach bulges too. Thanks, and yeah every animation (aside from about 5 or so that I missed) have the vagina/anus animated fully. Are you having problems with all of them in 1.2?
  13. You can use this mod just fine with CBBE and without the extended skeleton, though you'll probably see visual errors. That's why I recommend using FusionGirl and Extended Skeleton for the best experience. No idea, I've not tried it.
  14. Maybe raise the issue with Ulfbearth but I don't see how adding a new body would affect what AAF does. IIRC the things in Creature Patch are identical to the ones from the One Patch but Ulfbearth might know better. Yes but why would you? CBBE doesn't benefit from the Extended Skeleton.
  15. *Fixed an error in 1.2 FOMOD where the Weight Bench series of animations wasn't using the correct naming convention. You should re-download because of future incompatibilities with AAF STATS and Themes, or I can upload a quick patch if people really want it.
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