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  1. Since it's just a texture, would it work with SAM body? Anyway, thanks for your work!!
  2. Wow! A new update with 10 new animations! Thanks so much!
  3. First off, thanks for your work. Second, I completely agree with your contract as it concerns minors. Third, I hope you reconsider the part about banning this mod in countries where it is illegal to be gay. Unless you travel to such countries yourself, you are in no danger. If you do travel, then you are in danger anyway. Contract or no contract.
  4. Maybe I'm being blind or just don't know where to look... But! Is there a mod where I can just go into a shop or inn or go to a merchant and buy followers/slaves/people. I know you can collect your own with various enslave mods like PAH, but I usually play richer lazier characters who would just go shopping. thanks!
  5. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong. I, however, do not have any reason to trust this person, so we'll see.
  6. When you subscribe to a mod on Steam, you can zip it and then load it into MO or NMM, and then you should immediately unsubscribe on Steam.
  7. I'm very cynical about this new announcement. I think in order to rein in modders and provide additional revenue, they will force a 64 bit upgrade with no option to play the old version. Steam is very aggressive about updates, so I have started only playing offline. I have also changed my computers's clocks to 2001 in hopes that Steam won't try to update for another 15 years. Call me paranoid, but I've invested 1,000s of hours in this hobby. I've also backed up all files on a separate drive. I remember losing access to the Morrowind CK and don't want that to happen again. All media is moving in the direction of pay as you go, it's only a matter of time before lawyers force gaming companies to follow suit. Profit trumps all. It's the law.
  8. They are offering $10,000 for the best mod in Fallout 4, so that might get the ball rolling. Even with the money though, modding is a calling. You have to want to do it. https://contests.nvidia.com/en-us/fallout4modcontest
  9. I can't see the picture you posted, but Mikan Eyes by Nerune over at Nexus has spider eyes... http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56056/?
  10. I found those undies over at Nexus called: SOS - Protective Undies for Schlongs of Skyrim. In case anyone else is looking.
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