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  1. Honestly do not know why you can not download. It is an unzipped package file. Not sure what could be broken, but it is not the file. I have uploaded several pieces in that format. You are first to have this problem. I would think you have downloaded before, as your membership is not new. I think in general discussion has been a few people who had problems downloading recently.
  2. Banned because any hammer a tiny mouse can carry can not do much damage
  3. @GreyMouse, @Scorpio, @BatDood, I agree with you, that @Rikerbabe might enjoy things more by using the tools you mention. Although, when looking at the Sims4 downloads, and how many people will just grab what someone else made for them, I have often thought to get TS4, a Patreon account, make a bunch of Sims and sell them. It really seems to be a totally different mindset with many TS4 players (perhaps not you), and love of premades, as opposed to TS3 and collecting CC and making Sims yourself. Even in TS3, Nraas Master Controller has randomize genetics, or use a couple of Sims in game as genetics donors, and roll the dice. Same with their clothing, hair, accessories... Dresser can just reroll what they're wearing, then take to CAS and "tweak" them a bit.
  4. All of the textures in that conversion were originally overlays, with no recolors. I was able to remake the dress, top and mask as recolorable, but the texture on that bottom without the skirt has very subtle pattern, and I would have lost that trying to make it recolorable. (
  5. Banned for sending poor rodent to his certain demise, as both snakes and cats climb trees (cats are just too dumb to get back down)
  6. Do not have screenshots, but I toss things wherever. I only plant things for Supernatural potions, or ITF flowers to make trait chips. I might plant along the house, garage or a fence. A house I used a while ago already had a small garden, and I just used that when I needed. Once, I planted a large crop of ITF flowers then found you can not sell them!!! I do not do that any longer! @landess has planted field of KW "herbs". OY! And I generally give a FemmeBot a gardening trait chip... they just autonomously tend the gardens. With crystal plants, they only need be told once, which to charge them with, and they will then continue each time they tend the garden. )))
  7. Only a suggestion. ))) I simply figure that since you already have both options, why not let folks choose. Just put notice that there can be only one! Just as @landess plays pregnancy off, and I have it on, some using smoking may want that harsher addiction reality in their game. Questions... is it only for cigarette smoking, or also KW herb? And I mean both the no drop below floor part, and the less addictive part??????? Also make note of these to avoid 100 people asking, as we know a person will ask, then the next person asks the same question that was answered 1 or 2 posts above! (see Mike24, and how many asking for someone to send them pet animations after landess answered what to do).
  8. Banned for not including leeches among your wonderous medical cures
  9. With my set up (using 409 and other mods) after buying "no more bills" as lifetime reward, the mailman still comes, but my Sims don't all run to great her. Yes, her. I made a replacement female mailman uniform and changed the mailman to female using KW debug. KW debug seems to do a better job of resetting flags than CAS. But, the now female, once mail, still has attraction to females. ) I believe there are several cheats for "no bills", including via Nraas Master Controller.
  10. Great! Oy! I think of others, as I have your animation mod already. Yes, upload on your page with other animations, but... Upload BOTH versions... Give people a choice, and easy as they are already made. ))) Just label original smoking addiction, and reduced smoking addiction. )))
  11. Not silly question at all! Well, I am still learning... Several tutorials on youtube about rigging a mesh in Blender 2.8 and newer. I understood this one here. What I did was import all of the mesh parts (I have a workshop folder that contains a lot of meshes/ parts and .wsos, some binary parts to plug into TSRW directly)... upper and lower body, feet, head parts and hair. Fit all parts onto one UV map (leave room for pedestal). Merge all of the body parts into one mesh. Hair was a PITA (for me) because it did not accept bone assignments correctly, and had to be weight painted separately after the rig was made, and before trying to pose. Then rig the mesh as in video. I used meta rig, so I could move fingers. I am still figuring out exact placement of the joints, as some were a little off, and I made adjustments to the mesh after it was exported and imported back. There are some face changes that can be done with rig, and some can be done to posed mesh... at least how I did it.
  12. Banned because he has a big brother...
  13. @TakumiiSakura and @ErinC7214, thank you both! "Cute and hot" and something a woman might actually wear is what I was going for. Only set it for anything other than sleepwear because... well... this IS Lovers Lab! And I try to set bones and morphs so things look good on Sims that aren't professional clothes hangers, like my Laura. ))) Can't cover crazy slider ranges, but I try. )))
  14. @Clydie, you really should post a download. I don't think cmo would mind, as you give proper credit. Pretty sure he is retired from modding.
  15. I think that will be sufficient. ))) As I wrote above, I am a member on MTS, and sent cmo a PM on 6 Oct about this, and have had no reply. His mods have not been updated in years, and MTS lists his work as "unsupported".
  16. Banned for making none sensical ban (what is to abstain from?)
  17. Banned for NOT having mentioned "absence" in your previous posts )))
  18. Banned for mentioning Psalam and wisdom in the same sentence
  19. Banned for condemning those who try to actually teach children
  20. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, as those who have engaged here, are all apparently civil and of mature character. This can be rare, as it takes only one to destroy what many built.
  21. Banned for confusing what SHE said... "YOU appear to be at MY mercy...) My husband is soooooo glad that I am nothing like Harley, and he will tell you when he regains conscious..
  22. Banned for thinking a rodent, which still gets it's neck snapped by a trap developed 100 years ago over a piece of cheese... or peanut butter, is not easily confused.
  23. Banned for insolent thought (This royal has a personal mercenary who does her bidding so she does not break a nail)
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