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  1. LS_af SheerEleganceCuteLittleNightie-01

    LadySmoks presents... The Sheer Elegance Cute Little Nightie-01!!!
    This is basically, the EA EP3 strap split dress, that I made as open bottom a while ago, with a few differences...
    I removed the center front part, shortened it a bit, made it a bit sheer, and made it as a top. I made it as a top so you have more options for panties, or even nude bottom, with or without accessory panties.
    So yes, this is found in CAS Tops for YA/A female Sims, and is available as Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. It comes in 3 presets, and has 4 re-colorable channels. Solid colors work best. Garment is sheer only in LOD 1. At distance of LODs 2 and 3, what difference does it make?
    It generally holds up well to most EA and custom weight and breast sliders, but if you use Nraas Master Controller to increase slider range (as I do), there will be clipping. I can not test every pose or situation, so there may be other clipping issues I am not aware of.
    Other: This is an altered mesh, so Cmar's nipple sliders will not work.
               Panties from my set here As I forgot to include the KW panties list part number in the original upload...  0x0A75511956094005
    Well, I hope you like it!



  2. LS_Eden Statues

    LadySmoks presents, Eden Statues...
    I had fun learning the mesh rigging process, and applying it to make the Natasha doll and Morningstar statues. And... I had another idea for a couple of "artsy-fartsy" statues... Adam and Eve!
    The thought behind these statues is, "Before there was shame"... So, they are nudes. This IS Lovers Lab after all! No fig leaves here!!!
    There are 2 statues in the set. One of Adam, looking at the apple he was handed by Eve, one of Eve with flowers in her hair, looking so sweet and innocent. And maybe a little bit sexy?
    Both statues are in the basic build/ buy categories for statues, and cost 1200 Simoleans each.
    I hope you like them!

    Both hairs and hair that has the flowers by Newsea - here
    Base textures are E-skins Ephemera skins remake by JoshQ - here      



  3. LS_TheMorningstarRises

    The Morningstar Rises and The Fallen Angel Statues!
    Working on the Natasha doll inspired me to try something I have wanted in my game for a while... In one of my Sims worlds, I have a family of demons. But not just any old bargain basement dime store demons... It is Lucifera Morningstar (yes, the devil is a woman) and her daughters, the 4 HorseWomen of the Apocalypse!
    Well, I have always felt Lucifera deserved a magnificent statue, and with what I learned while making Natasha Woohoo Doll, I decided to make "The Morningstar Rises"! 
    Sometimes, delays can be good. Generating a shadow using TSRW does not come from the statue or object... You must add an extra "shadow mesh" to make that happen. So, I had an idea... The Fallen Angel statue casts a slightly different shadow than my original... It casts a shadow with angel's wings and a halo!

    Both can be found in buy mode in the basic categories for sculptures and will set your Sims back a hefty 10,000 Simoleons! Devil worship ain't cheap!!!

    I hope you like her!
    Credits: Ether Headdress by Leah Lilith here (The download may be broken?)
                 Hair by Nighcrawler here
                 Wings from Wyvern Dragon by Severinka here



  4. LS_WooHooDoll-Natasha

    LadySmoks Boutique in collaboration with Ghost-17a Animations present to you... WooHoo Doll Natasha!!!
    Yes, a woohoo doll that is fully functional with Kinky World. New animations required, link below. 
    Sorry, but I originally posted that the doll worked in Passion. That is not correct. I apologize to anyone who uses Passion and downloaded the doll. 
    This is an experiment!!!!! I make dresses and Ghost-17a makes great animations. We got together on this, both stepped a little outside of our normal areas (me working with objects, Ghost-17a wrote script and more to make this actually work) and we think we have something fun to share.

    Natasha is found in buy mode Entertainment, Hobbies and Skills. She is also found in Bedroom or Study categories. She is not cheap... 2500 Simoleons! comes in one pose... missionary. She is a doll, so she just lays there and accepts what happens. Currently, only able to be placed on the floor. I was able to set live dragging, and she can be placed under a double bed for safe storage!
    The doll is made from my custom YA/A body parts that include feet from JoshQ shoes. The hair is my edit of Nightcrawler AFhair08. Got it to work on an object! Skin is the JoshQ Ephemera ESkins edit. Only hair, eyes and finger and toenails are re-colorable.
    Animation package that includes doll are at [The Sims 3] [Update 04/10/21] Lucas Animations for Kinky World and Passion

    Note: Animations are male masturbation. Think about it...
    Well, have fun!



  5. LS_af DomFetishStraps69-Set

    Liquid Latex straps for ALL!!! Whether your Sim is a Dominatrix or Submissive, she'll look hot!
    Sometimes, less really is... less, and about the only thing less than this set would be an invisible eye patch!
    What you see in the cover photo is what you barely get... 4 pieces... 1 top and 3 bottoms.
    All are for YA/A Female Sims, enabled in CAS for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. Morphs work well, including preggers.
    Of course, the top is in CAS tops and the bottoms in CAS bottoms. Thumbnails Included.
    All have a single color channel and 3 basic presets. This red is a bit darker than my other recent work, but simply using the grab and drop feature in CAS, and you will quickly match, if you mix and match tops or the booties. 
    Notes: 1) Booties from previous upload work with the strap bottoms, but do not look so good with the panties, which is why the pic is done with JoshQ shoes. 2) Top nipples do NOT morph. Cmar's morphs do not work with altered nude meshes that I am aware. 3) The leg straps without latex panties works well with CAS accessory panties.
    Kinky Fun Tip... After KW finishes loading, you can click on your Sim, choose Kinky World> Set CAS Properties. It will ask if can be pulled down? Perhaps for pets? I just set as false. Then asks if can be kept during woohoo, and I set as true. Then will ask how revealing. Set whatever you want. Just remember that more revealing causes different KW scenarios according to exhibition levels. You can always go back and click your Sim and change settings. The settings are for the CASP number, so now every Sim wearing that garment will have the same applied when wearing it.
    This is fun with the straps without panties, as you can set that the top and bottom straps remain during woohoo, and use accessory panties that will come off!
    Well, I hope you like them!



  6. LS_af LiquidLatexCorset and Leggings

    Well... Why not a form fitting Liquid Latex corset top with some straps, and a bunch of studs and laces up the back?
    AND sexy leggings to match??? I couldn't think of a reason not to make them either... So I did!!!
    This set is exactly what your YA/A Female Sim wants, and needs in her Dominatrix wardrobe! 
    These are top and bottom, not an outfit! The top is in CAS "Tops", and the bottom is in CAS "Bottoms"! Both come in 3 color matched presets with 4 re-colorable channels (same base color as the booties), and are set in CAS for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. 
    Controlling small parts is a PITA, but I think the morphs work well, and the mesh holds up to using sliders, even slightly above EA basic ranges. Of course, using Nraas to increase slider range and then going crazy with your settings.........
    Anyway, I hope you like them!!!



  7. LS_af LatexBodysuit-01

    Well, this is really a pretty basic outfit... SHINY and form fitting to your female Sim's every line! OY!
    I used my custom nude top and converted it to "soft nipples", and my Priyatna bottom nude mesh, so "every line"... And again... OY!!!
    Anyway, the bodysuit comes in 3 presets with 3 re-colorable channels, for YA/A female Sims, found in CAS "Outfits" available for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.
    I hope you like it!!!



  8. LS_af LatexStilettoBooties

    I only made these for those who want that monochromatic head to toe smooth look, as I did. These booties really are not made as stand alone footwear. They may work with some other outfits or bottoms, but...
    These booties come in 3 presets with base color matched to the body suit and leggings, and have 4 re-colorable channels. They are for YA/A Female Sims, and found in CAS "Shoes" available for Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, MartialArts, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity. 
    These booties are +7 units high.
    I hope you like them!!!



  9. LS_af Daddy'sLittleGirl Dress

    Well, she's still "Daddy's Little Girl"! What more needs to be said???
    I got out my virtual scissors (Blender and GIMP), and cut and pieced together an EA EP7 top and the EA cheerleader dress, shortened the hemline, added a garter, and there you go!
    This dress comes in 3 presets with 4 re-colorable channels for YA/A Female Sims, and can be found in CAS "Outfits" available for Everyday, Formalwear, Athletic, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.
    I hope you like it!



  10. LS_tf Daddy'sLittleGirl Dress

    Sometimes, "Daddy's Little Girl" is... well... a teen... OH, DADDY!!!
    This is the exact same dress, made the exact same way as the YA/A dress, but of course, using teen parts, to make this a true teen dress, not a resized version of the adult dress.
    Same as the adult dress, this dress also comes in 3 presets with 4 re-colorable channels for Teen Female Sims, and can be found in CAS "Outfits" available for Everyday, Formalwear, Athletic, Career, Outerwear and ValidForMaternity.
    I hope you like it!



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