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    Games, music, having fun. :)
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    I have moved to Usa for work from China. My english is not good atm but am learning. I am glad to be here. I like games, music and having fun.

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  1. Trying to get Enb my way. Also this shot for Abittasty/Flingingfeces and Thorazine. Thank you for awesome work on Final Fantasy DMRA conversion.
  2. Wow music here is much different than Chinese music. I like it just not following some of it. I have been listening to remixe of Megaman songs on Nes.
  3. The army is real hahaha I thought it was a joking when I was welcomed to the army on the say hi thread. I was afraid of coming here because I don't undestand english too well and speak it even worse, but so far it has been fun and I am enjoy it a bunch. Glad to be here in the army and mod with you guys.
  4. Great to see you Jain, CPU and LegendGamer. Welcome here.
  5. A new two shots of bikini girl. I use a more amount of bloom in these. I hope you like.
  6. Oh you are for sure welcome Abittasty/Flingingfeces! I loooooooove you videos of these mods. So glad you are here now and more video? Cooooooool!
  7. Holy smokes 7th much cool pictures! Love you pictures too again Neo. Both very cool thank you!
  8. I saw cool things in Usa these two days and ate good food that was messy but good! I love bacon on burger now and it is best thing!
  9. Hello boywhosinned! Lovers lab army hahaha that is cool. Glad to know you here.
  10. Thank you for these cool mods. Can not wait to try them on.
  11. Those are good pictures knput. Thank for posting here. I like the position in first picture a lot thank you. I hope to see more soon.
  12. Hello new people! I am new too, but great place.
  13. Louh looks great thank you for posting her.
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