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  1. Well I tried everthing you said and its still occuring i already used mo it has to do something with other mods i guess well thanks anyways i will keep trying
  2. So I started a new save and i run into a weird bug error or whatever. When my Character is in combat the hud shows some really weird messages all my stuff gets unequipped and well deleted and it completly fucks up sexlab it starts like 10 threads at the same time and includes actors that are not even in battle its just plain weird and I dont understand but i need to fix it i cant play like this I attached a screenshot of the messages Please need help as fast as possible
  3. Well I'm running a nw Character and shes stuck on an Island but Kitty don't mind.
  4. Ahhhh more of her "Adventures" She got defeated and this Pack of Wolves raped her the whole Night
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