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  1. Doctor Cadaver


    Okay, I got one. Read this aloud: "I am we Todd did. I am Sofa King we Todd did."
  2. Doctor Cadaver

    I get bored of male characters in RPGs

    I'd pick a female character in an RPG over some meatheaded, or scrawny, spiky-haired male schmuck any day of the week.
  3. Doctor Cadaver

    Who do you Trust?

    I've been let down by others so many times in the past, I too have trust issues.
  4. Doctor Cadaver


    Yes, we are all going to die one day. So why fear the inevitable? Just live your life the best you can instead of worrying about things beyond your control.
  5. Doctor Cadaver

    "What are you playing" thread

    I've just beaten Persona 5 for the first time in a marathon session, with the good ending. Once I followed this guide from Game Informer (of all places) to get the persona Yoshitsune with certain skills, I was unstoppable. Just started a second playthrough.
  6. Doctor Cadaver

    Can you cook?

    I'm good at following recipes in a cookbook. And I can cook some things from scratch. But I'm usually too lazy to cook after getting home from work and order takeout, instead. Sometimes on my days off, I like to fix myself a nice breakfast with some coffee. But only occasionally.
  7. I see that now. That's unfortunate, after visiting Emuparadise for years. Well, time to move on.
  8. As you can see, the parts of the .zip archive are in sequential order. Just highlight the first part of the archive until you see the ISO, and extract to your game folder. The rest will take care of itself. Just make sure you download all of the parts first, or it won't work. Some .zip archives just won't work at all, due to corruption, or a bad download. I frequent Emuparadise without any issue. But then again, I'm on my Android phone most of the time.
  9. Doctor Cadaver

    Movies that everyone hates.. but you like.

    Me too. Michael Jai White (Spawn) and Wesley Snipes (Blade) played their roles well.
  10. Doctor Cadaver

    Kind of Food That You Are Craving ATM

    Authentic ramen noodles. Not the instant stuff I'm about to cook in a few.
  11. Doctor Cadaver

    Movies that everyone hates.. but you like.

    @Reginald_001 You like Star Wars Episode 2?! Okay that's it, here I come with my pitchfork...just kidding!
  12. Doctor Cadaver


    Overlord is back once again with a third season.