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  1. Just reinstalled Skyrim a few months ago and still getting everything in line slowly. I can't remember which mod it I had that did this but it is definitely connected to devious followers. Basically, if you were found wandering the town without a follower a guard would approach you and ask you where your companion is or something. Then he would chain you up and make you take him to a follower, there is then a scripted scene where you ask them to cover for you and in turn accept a bunch of deals/debt to be set free from the guard. Appreciate the help if you know what patch/mod this is from.
  2. I am having troubles finding some of the tattoos I used previously. One specifically is a tattoo that says "whore" and it goes over the characters mouth but the "O" is missing. Also another that had bows or ribbons on the back of the characters thighs. I've looked through all the files of the tattoo packs I have installed and haven't seen any of the ones I am thinking of. If someone knows the tattoo packs I am thinking about I would really appreciate it.
  3. Bikini licence: Bikini licence is also optional. If you want to use it then you need to add a keyword to the bikini armors so that Survival can differentiate them from normal armors. If you use the stock bikini armors mod on the nexus then I have uploaded a 'ready made' version of it here that adds the needed keyword. You simply replace your esp with the one here and you're good to go. If you've modified your bikini armor mod and don't want to replace it then see how you can add the keyword yourself in the 2nd post on the support page. I recommend method 2. Remember to backup your armor mods first! https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507 I mean this thing.
  4. So I edited my armor mods to add them to the Bikini list with Tes5edit and it spits out the Tes5edit cache with the modified files into Mod Organizer. Where do I put those files now?
  5. Where is Devious Devices v5.0? I can't find it.
  6. After I reinstalled Skyrim I feel like I am missing a few slavetats tattoo packs that are not mentioned in the mod description. Would love to have some pointers to any good ones that are known of rather that sifting though 145 pages of the forum. I remember for certain one that added tattoos of Bows (not bow and arrow kind) to the backs of legs which I really liked.
  7. Yeah the FIx seemed to work for the most part thanks. It's a little janky still when I am walking up hill for instance you can clearly see the loop of the animation, but hey that's still better than before. Cheers.
  8. EFF It must recognize some followers though right? Because when an Enforcer catches me without a companion I get sent to HQ and they give me one. Then I am able to leave Whiterun with my appointed follower.
  9. Is it slaverun that's the problem all together? Cause I have no problem uninstalling that.
  10. Anyone else having problems with the device animations being overrided by normal movement animations? Happens with all devices that use a new set of animations for me (armbinders, yokes, hobble dresses, straightjackets). When the device is equipped it will run properly for up to 30seconds I would say then it switches back to my default character movement animations. I can quicksave and reload to restore the device animations but it still only lasts for about another 30seconds before switching back again. I use "Her Animations" from nexus to alter defaults character movements. I would try playing without this and see if the animations don't reset to normal when wearing a device but I can't stand basic skyrim animations, they are not feminine or sexy enough. I have used other animations as well like victoria high heels walk and catwalk in the past and had the same problems. Any solution here?
  11. Yeah I do, I know there is some compatibility between Survival and some other mod I have installed, just woindering if other people have experienced something similar. The creator of Survival told me my save looks fine so it must be a problem somewhere else.
  12. My problem occurs in every iteration of Skyrim I have played. Whenever my character gets equipped with a yoke or armbinder they do initially snap in to the devious device animations but only for about 30 seconds, then they switch back to my regular character animations after that and have their arms and their sides even though the armbinder or yoke is still equipped. Also happens in the Hobble Dresses and Straightjackets, however, the arms don't return in the straightjacket because they are removed but the regular walking animation still returns. I am guessing its the animation mod I have installed to alter my characters regular animations, to give them a much more feminine and sexy look. The mod I use now for feminine animations: Her Animations - From Nexus. I have also used other ones like victoria's high heeled walk and things like 360 walk run plus, so I can turn the camera around and see my character moving. Any ideas on how to fix this bug?
  13. Yeah I got this answer in another thread, Hopefully removing that will clear most of my problems. The mod is so broken anyway so there is no point in having it installed until it starts working better. Appreciate the answer.
  14. Yeah I guess it has to be wartimes, its the only thing really new that I have tried out. Yeah I am using EFF, I don't really play it too much either I just like the slavetown aspect of it and normally just use the random start interval. Thanks for the Help though, that should fix the main problems for me atleast.
  15. Don't really know my way around this program but here it is. Nothing in Suspended stacks and everything seems ordinary in active scripts?
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