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  1. Alot of models got messed up but good news is new tools and resources are avaliable so new stuff is now possible https://streamable.com/h4k50n
  2. Your doing the lords work we need Minecraft Lewd Mods

  3. Haha i like the idea of support but with how infrequent i work on this it wouldnt be fair at all tbh! Thank you and currently not right now as i wanna make the pack filled with all the mobs, altho if i do plan on working on pigmen then ill update! but a eta is impossible to determine sorry!
  4. Yeah also i did kinda get a bit madder then i wanted to when i confronted him...but now the logo is fixed so thats dealt with
  5. If any of you see a minecraft sex mod by a guy called "Gaming master 1020" or "pussylover7" here on LV do not support him because his patreon logo is using my model
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/784b57adaa1513126f243ddfb19cf452.mp4 LETS GOOOOOO THE BOOB IS MOVING
  7. Aaaaa the hearts look so cute!
  8. Also : A fix for invisible parts making water dissapear if you look at it wrong, Shaders! i dont know any good ones but i just looked up vanilla shaders aswell i think the internal shaders in optifine fixes it aswell... aswell a small preview of stuff i was messing around with...dont have high expectations for any releases soon tho
  9. Ok so...This project has kinjda been put on hold since i havent had much motivation i still check the comments tho! But yeah not much will happen for now...
  10. Nope you put it in item frame! also i changed it from stick to to paper
  11. Update on some stuff! Might need to get to work on villagers tho! every biome needs there women and ill get them it!...eventually
  12. yeah i do need to work on some of the older mobs ived made but also i dont want to lose any "minecraftey" style its a tough balance...
  13. Ah sorry didnt mean to tease you! ived been on and off fixing and adding things but i dont know when ill release a new public file sorry!
  14. oh yeah! i think maybe i fixed it?...with the plains atleast and desert...
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