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  1. Anyone knows from what animation pack or pose this is from and what is the animation called ?
  2. Just keep either copy-pasting the parts until the correct size is generated or try again by adding the part until you have the result you desire. Then delete the excess parts (or keep them for more fun ?).
  3. Hey Billyy , Thanks for your work ! I was wondering what your thoughts on OSA/OSEX/OSTIM were and if you were interested in adding Creature animations to that framework. I think Ostim has a animation converter or something. As for the normal sexlab animations, I got a few suggestion for new animations for werewolfs should you be interested. Keep up, the good work !
  4. Maybe try deleting the old version of the mod instead of overwriting it. I made specific folders for the portrait for ease of use. Example : dadicholewdxenos\gfx\models\portraits\lewdxenos\kitsune. They are no longer all placed together in dadicholewdxenos\gfx\models\portraits.
  5. the Vanilla Phenotypes ? Like the base portraits ? I'm not sure what you mean but I'm pretty convinced removing parts of vanilla files aren't a good idea for game stability.Even if they are only portraits.I am not aware of any mods that remove s the vanilla phenotypes. Although there are mods such a this one which makes them lewder.
  6. Did you update More Nasty Critters Slal edition ? If so,in the changelog it says What's New in Version V12.5A Released 8 hours ago MoreNastyCritters v12.5 changed how the horse penises are added (remove & update any horse patches you have installed). So maybe has something to do with your current problem ?
  7. Small Update: So here's the 6 new species i'll be adding to the next update.: The Mandalorians The T'au The Exo (Destiny) The Eredars,Shivara and Sayaad (all into one). The Protoss The San'layn (Vampire Elves,DEath Knight Elves and Sylvanas + her Dark Rangers. Mostly Sexy Undead Elves. Here's a preview.
  8. don't know of any sex mods yet, there's always in the game romance action however. As for nudes mods,there's this Nightsong Topless Skimpy and Black Outfits. Now with Shorts .
  9. In common\species_classes "01_lewd_species_classes" ,you may remove the line that specify which portrait spawn in this class. portraits = { "viera" "notsofutadraenei" "kaldorei" "sexyeldar" "hornybelves" "edgyhornyelves" "sexymiqote" "seducingmartian" "celibatewarmaiden" "moistgarden" "novanude" "hentaisushi" "hornedhornyscaly" "twilekstrippers" "meatlovinflorans" "sluttyseaserpents" "fivesomedragons" "sexyredbarons" "goblinettes" "notsochasteangewomon" "69tails" "suitedforsex" "lewdsensitive" "butteredsylph" } I'm sure you caa figur
  10. New update 23. Togruta,Fairies,Quarians and Kitsunes join the roster. As always, post here if they's a bug ,glitch or something wrong with the mod to let me know. I'll post a preview of the new races I plan to add in the next update some other day but key words would be... "Booty Hunters","Sex for the greater good","Horny even unto death" and ""Blessed" Robots" ?
  11. small update: Here's some of the last progress.
  12. If I understand what your problem is then "You have to extract it to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod) and say yes to overwrite. So you need LV itself in that folder first and then you can overwrite it with the patch" The patch itself is not a standalone mod. So you should still have ther base LV mod and you add this patch on top of LV.
  13. I doubt anyone could send you the files as Serana's aren't accessible in the Data folders of the game by themselves I think. Also ,I believe everything in the Data folders overwrites anything from the main game.Thus if you just delete the Seranaholic files from the corresponding data folders, (basicaly uninstalling the mod) ,should it not revert her back ?
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