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  1. If it is of any interests, there a new mod that on the workshop which makes the sisters of Avelorn and probably other units in a bikini. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2158634163&searchtext=
  2. No I don't think you need any dlc... to play the lewd machine you need the Synthetic Dawn dlc as stated in the code playable = { host_has_dlc = "Synthetic Dawn Story Pack" } But there is no such line for the base Lewd species. Hmm, try changing the line to path="mod/dadicholewdxenos" When I start the launcher,it updates the file for me and the game auto changes it path="69:/XX/XX/XXX/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/dadicholewdxenos" Hope that fixes it. You could also check in the logs/errors files of the game in "Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\logs" to see if any of the mods files have problems.
  3. Goblinettes are included in the mod, however since the number of slots used for species portrait in the ""Lewd Section" from this mod is higher than the maximum slot available, some portraits won't show. Atherefore you need a slider for them to show up , so a UI mod with a slider is required for them to show up. I think theslider got removed from vanilla in a recent update for some ***** reason. If you use steam,I recommend this mod. For the trait,it is just my personal mod in which I gave the Elves and Draenei custom traits to reflect their life expectancy from the universe they are from.
  4. in the "dadicholewdxenos.mod", search for path="input_path_here" and edit that line where your mod is located. you can also go in mod tools on the paradox launcher and create a new mod from there with whatever name you want then mmove lewdxenos's file to that new mod folder you created. My bad I should have written it somewhere first. Hope that clears things up.
  5. Mod Updated,see changelogs, hopefully I didn't miss anything ,if there,s a bug or glitch or something with this mod, post it here. I'll work on making the patches another time. for now enjoy some sneak peak for the next species that I'll be adding next year (jk_idunno_don'tkillme).
  6. Update : Harpies are done, just a few more portraits to do and some testing then I'll be ready to ship out the next update. I'll also have to work some on existing patches to make sure they are still working correctly.
  7. Works for me, played a few game with it , I don't see why it would not work, unless i'm out of the loop on something.
  8. you probably need Schlongs of skyrim installed and loaded before this mod.
  9. oh ! THX ! wierd,last time I checked, the werewolf part wasn't in this line (below)since and the mod was optional but I expected a simple solution such as this. XD "
  10. It seems the werewolf shlong is missing its texture. I also noticed that the right testicle (from the werewolf pov) does not stay still like the other, detaches itself slightly. for the missing textures I tried reinstalling the sos mod or checking manually if the texture file was missing but I don't think it was. Perhaps it has another file path ? I'd appreciate help .
  11. Well today you got two additional portraits to the draenei and I also managed to finish the angewomon portraits. Now all I have left to do before I roll out the update is the 35-40 Harpy portraits and a bunch of Eldar,Au ra,Dragonflights,Drows,Kaldorei and Sindorei. Following that I'll be able to work on 3 other races I plan to implement for the update after this one. I also thought of trying to add custom sounds to the greeting portraits.
  12. Yes there's is one, http://www.picturechaos.dk/Patchzer/Terraria.html .Although outdated
  13. Just got done doing the Draenei portraits, how many is there you may ask ? Here's a pic
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