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  1. problem is that I checked it with mod organizer and everything but it shows no missing master files but again I added my load order before if you don't mind checking it for me update:I can't even start the game without mods as It crashes before I get to the main menu in game(it shows the steam overlay then just crashes)
  2. oh well can anyone help me if I find the load order I am using I attached my load order loadorder.txt
  3. quick question does anyone else's skyrim crash at the main menu I downloaded this mod and corruption and then my game stopped working can someone please help me fix it as I want to play skyrim again but it isn't working for me
  4. can I request Blake Blossom please? Karimoff-TS4 thanks if I can
  5. can we get black widow and Scarlett witch if you haven't done them already please?
  6. no but it does look good and would work for both fallout 4 and skyrim se
  7. anyone know what the hot springs place mod is?
  8. how is the blog coming along are you still working on it?


    1. B0ss plz

      B0ss plz

      Yeah, just focusing on work right now. But I haven't abandon my project. I'm still on and looking at updates and the next chapter is coming along nicely. Thanks for catching up and asking though, I appreciate the interest friend. ?

    2. bradster511


      your welcome  and keep up the good work


  9. I agree this should be a thing but 1: i don't know any modders 2: I don't have any clue on how to mod
  10. I have no Idea if This is a real thing but maybe a pornstar type of guild for Skyrim or something similar if anyone knows a mod like this can they link it to me
  11. thank you for making great and enjoyable Skyrim stories and please keep up the good work
  12. @B0ss plz if you don't mind me asking I recently came across your blog and I wanted to know what mod you use in this chapter for the sauna/bathhouse thanks in advance and keep up the good work signed bradster511
  13. I'm just gonna put a comment here and come back once it's been updated
  14. youtube link isn't working look for yourself so you know it is true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYBMnFLHPWY&feature=youtu.be
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