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  1. dajryby

    Bouncing Sim Boobies: 12/10/2018

    HOLY COW, AN UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!?
  2. dajryby

    Doan's WW animations

    I must say your animations are very very good, and the last update was exactly what is needed, dancing and that stuff, just great, hope to see more from you and many thanks for your awesome work here.
  3. dajryby

    Bouncing Sim Boobies: 12/10/2018

    thanks for clarification, I'm patient and have no problems with system like patreon first then LL as long as it is like wickedwhims, It gets regular updates on LL but if something is wrong the fixed version is being released ASAP
  4. dajryby

    Bouncing Sim Boobies: 12/10/2018

    not that I wish to complain or anything like that, but it would be very nice to see first free update here on LL, simply because current LL version has issues with sound,
  5. dajryby

    XSims Custom Sims and Naughty Videos

    oh, damn I'm Blind thanks
  6. dajryby

    XSims Custom Sims and Naughty Videos

    The same question as above but in English. So the Tumblr is down, where I can found the download option on loverslab?
  7. dajryby

    Bouncing Sim Boobies: 12/10/2018

    oh right, so the project is once again alive, great news
  8. dajryby

    Slutty/Sexy clothes

    Grade A Stuff, Thanks
  9. dajryby

    HeartbeatsAndBrainwaves animation(s?) for WickedWhims

    looked wired as a download I mean just one animation, jumping ,but looks great in game, thanks
  10. Try in kinky settings changing some options like private situations to Standard then in miscellaneous Turn on Debug mode then click on sim -> kinkworld ->debug-> always accept set to ON
  11. dajryby

    Bouncing Sim Boobies: 12/10/2018

    A new Hero has been born, good luck
  12. oh sh... This is pure gold, thanks to you both for starting that topic and for reply, Thanks
  13. That's the excellent request, More well made celebrities are always welcome, really love to make celebrity towns and then meet them as cook or as any common person.
  14. Anesjka - Oh my... that's well said . Excellent point. It's really annoying when people are complaining about the place that they have no idea what it is. It's like going to the Steakhouse and telling to people: well I think you should stop eating meat, really ? get the fuck out.