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  1. Bouncing Sim Boobies WIP by tonicmole

    A new Hero has been born, good luck
  2. oh sh... This is pure gold, thanks to you both for starting that topic and for reply, Thanks
  3. That's the excellent request, More well made celebrities are always welcome, really love to make celebrity towns and then meet them as cook or as any common person.
  4. Anesjka - Oh my... that's well said . Excellent point. It's really annoying when people are complaining about the place that they have no idea what it is. It's like going to the Steakhouse and telling to people: well I think you should stop eating meat, really ? get the fuck out.
  5. Bouncing Sim Boobies WIP by tonicmole

    thanks for clarification, I hope that someone will take that project and make miracles possible. I am a total shit when it comes to animations.
  6. Holy crap , I need to check my optics (eyes), I don't how I was not able to find. Anyway thank you so much for your time and effort. You are great.
  7. Bouncing Sim Boobies WIP by tonicmole

    Well, until I hear it from the creator I'm not going to cut my hopes, but yeah it doesn't look good anyway.
  8. Thank you very much for reply Sorry, but I really can't find I mean, I found links on (http://beverlyallitsims.tumblr.com) to the handcuffs, but it redirects me always to that post (http://sims4studio.com/post/55619) , Searched whole site, and Could not find it, sorry again I don't want to be become pains in the ass,
  9. First, thanks for those awesome animations, those are really good. Second there is a problem with, Handcuffs from Princess Paranoia, can't download them, the thing is there nowhere to be found, to pose pack that includes them, is empty I mean there screenshots and poses, but no handcuffs, so either I'm blind as hell or there are not handcuffs there, can you please reupload them?
  10. Bouncing Sim Boobies WIP by tonicmole

    I hope to see update, Is this project still alive ?
  11. WickedWhims - 5 March 2018

    Well first thank you, you've put my mind at ease (no that I was panic, but confused with all that stuff) second you were right WW is working now I just had mess in my sims 4 folder so I said to myself what hell, nothing to loose, I did every thing fresh, removed folder "Sims4" downloaded WW and everything works well. So yeah, it was just a mess,
  12. fighter chinese dress

    Looks great, thanks hope to see more projects like this.
  13. WickedWhims - 5 March 2018

    I don't mind having the extra functions later as long as the non patreon version works well. I'm sure this whole thing with "nothing happening on LL" is caused by moving to the new site, many users are probably still confused about that.
  14. WickedWhims - 5 March 2018

    Oh, the update would be very nice, cause this mod in the current version in unplayable, well at least for me. Too many errors and I even removed any other mods to make sure no one is making any problems, just update with fixed bugs, By the way there are some serious issues with spamers here,