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  1. Yes it is a pirate version, however I am not providing piracy and no not intend to, furthermore i was not requesting help with piracy, at least not that I was aware of. When modding Fallout I ran into many early problems with the steam version and ended up doing it all a second time. Skyrim seems much more complicated in terms of the Jigsaw of interlocking dependency of mods, and animation generation. I've little interest in playing though the game without some specific mods. If I cant get the mods to work or if it's too complicated for even the all important FNIS to work why would I want to buy the game? It is important to note that this version of the game is v1.9.32.0 and not the latest Not that the .8 version is not available out there, but I've had my version from long ago and just recently got a system capable of playing Skyrim at max settings. There are many mods that do require .8 but I'm only interested in testing my basic ability first. (that's why im not afraid to "burn it down" to rebuild my mod list because I plan to, but only if i can.) I'm sorry if I've offended you, as I read it I'm not breaking any rules. I'm simply asking for help with the plumbing in a house and you direct me to a problem with the bank. This thread is the top google search result for this problem, and I personally haven't found a solution. I can guess what your solution is and getting the latest version of the game may fix it, also reinstalling this version and undoing all my monkey work may fix it as well. Some mods state that they will not work with my current version of the game, but I consider this basic framework and should be compatible, but I am no expert! Obviously. So, Sir expert, What is your advice? I'm not afraid to buy the game, but I don't have three weeks to spend trying to mod this beast. As an avid Fallout and New Vegas modder, Skyrim is very different! 90% of fallout was drag and drop! This is just scratching the surface of mods, I haven't even gotten to the ones that will cause a crash.
  2. I've got to say that I support this thread. While others are making the mods better and better the constant updates are a big pain. I've been forced to quit playing fallout due to V3 being incomplete. Which isn't that bad alone but the updated SCR requires V3 and the updated brutalrapers requires the updated SCR... So while I have nothing but +rep and valentines day pink floaty hearts to all those guys one big mod down takes most of the game with it.
  3. Mrblack

    Tryout - Hard Prison Time (HPT)

    I had a similar problem but before this HardPrisonTime mod. Be sure that all your mods are updated OR compatible. I think my problem was with conflicting versions of mods. I updated SCR, and tryout with a CLEAN SAVE, very important and it worked. You have to keep an eye on all these mod updates to be sure they are compatible. Right now I'm having to just take a break on fallout because the newest brutal rapers requires the newest SCR which requires the new and very incomplete pregnancy V3 alpha... I feel I have to wait on V3 to be a little more complete because last I played it there was no way to avoid pregnancy. (400bunX level and like .01 fertility and 3 sperm she gets pregnant... so I'm just going to wait a while. I added this mod and didn't detect any problems, I assumed this mod kicks in AFTER you've been enslaved and serviced 25 prison guys (then you have to do the quest as a slave THEN get your stuff back as I understand it). I didn't have the attention span to go for 25 and see this mod effects though... (oh and first post btw, I finally feel competent enough with FNV and these mods to post now)