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  1. Thanks for the great mod! I noticed that only human cum is received even though the last partner was a high elf. Is it supposed to be different? I second the suggestion for some kind of oral animation for oral-based inflation.
  2. Wish this could have just been ported to SE. It was already perfect as is.
  3. May want to put a check in to see if the player is riding a horse. Great mod! Thanks!
  4. One thing that would further enhance this mod would be for NPC comments on the player. For example, if the player was highly aroused, NPCs could notice and comment on it. Just an idea. Great mod! Thank you!
  5. Any way to make this version work with SSE? I keep getting the Nioverride message despite the fact that is is included in RaceMenu. Also tried installing Nioverride independently. No luck.
  6. Is there a SE version, or is this compatible?
  7. Great mod! One thing I am noticing is that the masturbation button rarely works even though the char is past the arousal threshold and the stats for gaining hp/mp/stam keep resetting to zero.
  8. Ahh...I see now. Sorry, I didn't see the original mod listed in the requirements so I assumed it was part of this mod. I loaded the original and this mod and see the MCM now. Thanks.
  9. The Jailer is just spinning in place and teleporting her around doesn't fix anything. I have reinstalled Zaz and run FNIS several times. I am seeing several of these in the logs: stack: [ (00000014)].Actor.WornHasKeyword() - "<native>" Line ? [zbf (0B0137E6)].zbfbondageshell.GetAnimationIdle() - "zbfBondageShell.psc" Line 568 [zbf (0B0137E6)].zbfbondageshell.ApplyOffsetIdle() - "zbfBondageShell.psc" Line 1140 [zbf (0B0137E6)].zbfbondageshell.ApplyModifiersMask() - "zbfBondageShell.psc" Line 1266 [Active effect 6 on (00000014)].zbfEffectBondage
  10. How does the cuirass work exactly. I put it on. Is there some additional trigger to make something happen? Edit: looks like I needed to add the 'milk self' spell using the debug item on the MCM
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