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  1. Hey, when wearing a latex bodysuit along with a chastity bra, only the chastity bra has body animations and the bodysuit remains stationary (the bra will even clip through the bodysuit at times). Is this normal?
  2. ZoneTanIsLove

    SexLab Defeat

    I can't seem to get the modifier key to work, so I am unable to have my followers assault NPCs. I've tried setting "Followers as Aggressors" as well and the follower doesn't seem to do anything to a downed NPC. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  3. ZoneTanIsLove

    Egg Factory

    How so?
  4. Thanks. Doing the Damsel in Distress questline and trying to figure out what all of these keys do
  5. ZoneTanIsLove

    Egg Factory

    The belly juts out very strangely. It just seems unnatural. Does anyone know the cause for this? ScreenShot41.bmp
  6. Hey. I keep finding "Restaints Key", but I don't know what type of restraints they go to. Are they supposed to be turned into other keys, or are they for something else?
  7. ZoneTanIsLove

    HDT Havok Object?

    I don't really know what this object is for. I only recently have begun seeing it pop up into NPC inventory, and i don't know what mod is causing it. Is it necessary? Is it meant ot be invisible or not selectable? What does it do?
  8. ZoneTanIsLove

    Estrus Chaurus+

    Is there a possibility for there to be a spell for the player to do tentacle attacks on NPCs? I know that Estrus for Skyrim allows this, but I don't know if they impregnate the NPCs or not.
  9. There seems to be a glitch where the game thinks my hands are still bound (making me unable to remove my hood) despite me having been able to unlock all restraints holding my arms. The "Damsel in Distress" quest is ongoing and it still has "free your hands" as an objective. However, when I go into my inventory, all of my hand and arm related bounds are undone.
  10. Whenever the armbinder is on an NPC, they still move their arms around freely in front of them, instead of having their arms bound behind them. The armbinder is visible, but their arms are not bound.
  11. ZoneTanIsLove

    Skin Tone Differences When Loading Game?

    No. It happens to all other NPCs as well, not just me. There's also a weird blue bar across some NPC faces
  12. Alright, so, my skin files are fair skin for UUNP and I then used Coverwomen Look 3 (I like the makeup more for Coverwomen), and it worked well (as you can see in this image) ScreenShot8.bmp However, after quitting the game and loading it again, there is now a skin tone difference as seen here ScreenShot14.bmp Does anyone know the cause of this, and a possible fix?
  13. ZoneTanIsLove

    Good Mod Setup?

    Thank you!
  14. ZoneTanIsLove

    Good Mod Setup?

    Well, do you know how to make makeup look darker for some of the skins? Like, what skin do you use? It's just that whenever I use fair skin, black lipstick looks a lot more like black lip gloss.