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  1. can your tribal clothes be used with this?
  2. for pregnancies, are the babies supposed to be inheriting the hero mode pc's traits 100% of the time? also ive noticed that they only use vanilla faces, instead of modded ones, any way to change that?
  3. Opened up the mod in wryebash, says the plugin form is incorrect. Should I turn it into an esp, resave it in the CK and then turn it back into an esm?
  4. 2 issues with the respawn system for me. 1. with bloodbugs (possibly with other creatures): PC finishes the animation, but the bloodbug keeps going, leaving me stuck. 2. with human + supermutant npcs: after animation finishes player and npc redress. Super mutants just stand around, human npcs get stuck in their cheering animations. edit: animations started through mcg hotkey work fine, as do animations from the npc initiative system. edit2: nevermind, seems like i had some setting wrong in CSA or something, and that was what was interfering with mcg's respawn.
  5. this mod wants to overwrite a script installed by agony https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25600?tab=posts "LLLLInject_BETA.pex" does this script do anything important? edit: nevermind, found the answer in the thread
  6. What happens if I use non cosio bodyslide armor files with cosio? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65831 Vanilla Outfits BodySlided (with HDT-PE) for CBBE edit: someone in this thread mentioned dint's horizon zero dawn outfit, its not patreon only anymore https://drive.google.com/file/d/198JNaVR14Bf5YzmMnngkDd3-yGJO7QW_/view
  7. PC is constantly getting humiliated, and I'm confused as to whats causing it. Armor is set to be revealing, but I don't see anything in the mod description or the MCM that would suggest that increases humiliation. I have freckles from FrecklesMania2, which shows up in slavetats as "EXTERNAL," and 2 YPSFashion piercings which also show up in slavetats. Could these be causing humiliation to always rise? I've tried excluding them from SLSF, dunno if I was successful, but I don't see the "slavetat on face visible" anymore under active effects.
  8. I'm being spanked/groped when In vampire lord form. Don't know whether the same would happen if I were a werewolf but I assume that it does. Is it possible to disable spanks while transformed? edit: when the menu for choosing armor skimpyness/sluttiness from milk addict came up I set it to be the least skimpy (have the mcm toggle "armor spankable from x" in this mods mcm turned on.)
  9. Is it just me or does inter breeding and brood parasites not work? Have all male and all female species on a single world, both with intercompatability traits, and with the interbreeding ascension perk. Nothing happens. Have brood parasite species alongside a normal one and they also get no events. Edit: nevermind, apparently it just takes ages.
  10. deleting the gfx folder and reverting to an older version of the mod fixed it, thanks.
  11. Updated this mod and dw extras without starting a new game. Now a large number of portraits in my game are broken (appearing as fairies or animes which wasn't happening before I updated). Additionally the icons for my empire, kingdom, owned counties and direct vassals are all pitch black. Can I fix this somehow or should I just start a new game?
  12. arent there already ck2 mods that allow sex with children on loverslab?
  13. currently getting a lot of crashes, wondering if this mod has anything to do with it? looking in the error logs there are tons of entries about dwt events missing titles, and about dwt having unknown modifiers. using the remix say no version.
  14. -A Vault 88 Overhaul. Seems like the perfect place for a sex mod considering the "physical" experiments planned for the vault dwellers. Would be a good place for sex machines and "shock therapy" to condition the dwellers to better obey the overseer. Breast injections to stimulate a high rate of milk production and forced oviposition testing to see how adaptable the human race would be in the post apocalyptic wasteland where food and drink are scarce and the ovaries may become damaged from exposure to radiation. Among other things that could be fitted into something like this. Would be cool t
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