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  1. Version 1.0.0


    For showing off the legs and back, look no further than the Little Sweetheart. Featuring 11 pose edit morphs to expose some even more skin, and 9 activemod textures to really show-off your models. Whether it be a nightclub or a casual get together, your girl is sure to be the life of the party strutting in with this little number. And for the afterparty, these morphs will allow easy access to the goods.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    For when you just want to wear something small and tight. Not going to lie this was mostly for me since I've always loved the small strappy black dress, or any dress that shows off those thighs and conforms to the body like a second skin. In terms of morphs, we've got: 2 morphs for lifting up the dress 2 morphs for exposing breasts 4 morphs for moving or removing the straps 6 morphs for lifting parts of the dress away from the body, which helps fix clipping when other morphs are in use 1 morph if you want the dress to be longer... for some reason Also, there's a bunch of active mod textures, to add some more variety.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A nice, flowery sundress for warmer days. Outfit your girls with this comfortable little number, which of course can be raised for easy access. Features a number of active mod textures as well as pose edit morphs.
  4. KAT X CHRISTIAN: RED HOT RENDEZVOUS FEATURING KAT THE BOMBSHELL BY PORNPLAYER AND CHRISTIAN BY KALBINOS PES3.mp4 What do you get when you combine a handsome french photographer with a red hot bombshell on the prowl? A night of passion and romance under the covers. The third episode of my escort service is shorter than the others, but makes up for it by using sounds and animations built more for this specific romantic atmosphere, rather than mostly re-using my previous animations. Thanks to Kalbinos for providing the client for this episode.
  5. For 1000 points, what's a phrase that never ends up being true? "I'll pull out this time, I swear!"
  6. For 1000 points, what's a phrase that never ends up being true? "I'll pull out this time, I swear!"
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