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  1. hi trying to find a mod on LL that I used before it gave your wife or lover an option to set up a adult party with quite a few of yor followers, the option was there to set up a party at your house, all you had to do was turn up at a certain time, your lover would then lead the activities and decide when to send the guests home. thought the mod was eager young npc's but its not the one I was thinking of. thanks for your time
  2. Larrydd


    just had a good look at it that mod is the one I was looking for.thanks
  3. Larrydd


    many thanks for your reply not sure if that was the one,have used "reward your followers and lovers comfort" in the past
  4. hi I'm looking for a mod that I used before which allowed my lover to set up adult parties,thought it was "follow me for sex"any idea's.thanks for your time
  5. hi I am using the mod "follow me for sex" which is working great, one problem when I ask a follower to make love to another follower it tells me I need animations to do so. am I missing something.thanks
  6. Larrydd

    fo4 animations by leito

    thank you very much
  7. Larrydd

    fo4 animations by leito

    thanks guys anyone got a link for sex em up cant seem to find it this morning,prob my eyes are still closed.
  8. Larrydd

    fo4 animations by leito

    thanks for your reply which is the better version gun or rugs
  9. hi all just downloaded the above mod and have crafted the pistols,fired it at my companion and nothing happens.anyone have any idea's what I'm doing wrong.thanks for your time. edit just tried it on another follower and it works, first one I tried it with was Heather must be something in her makeup stopping it working
  10. Larrydd

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    thanks for your reply I find bathing beauties to furniture cluttered for my taste,looking for a room only with lots of beds on the same level.silverpeak is good but its a bit buggy,something like Home of the heroes
  11. thanks for clearing it up
  12. Really amazing mod thank you

  13. is the one that apeared yesterday v1, so V2 is an update ?edit sorry answer above
  14. just tried this mod this morning what an amazing place
  15. Hi does anyone know anytning about this new mod which I tried this morning,really amazing its called Gomaperoland SE 1.00. I believe it came out yesterday and wanted to know if there is a comments link to it,just to thank the modder.