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  1. hi looks a great mod one question I have flower girls installed so am using sos light,will this work with it.thanks for your time
  2. Larrydd


    hi all I'm wanting to give FNV a playthrough after a long time away, will be playing as a male and am looking for some sex mods that work out of the box.thanks for your time
  3. Larrydd

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    ok just checking as I'm new to this mod and I play as a male, if I download and install this mod the changes are for my followers and I will not have to play as a female ?thanks
  4. Larrydd

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    thanks for your reply noob question how do you know it can be registered with sexlab
  5. Larrydd

    SexLab Eager NPCs

    hi been using this mod for a while now and really like it,one question for people who are using it any suggestions of other animation mods from this site that work well with it.thanks for your time
  6. hi can anyone tell me if there is a mod that gives sexy talk dilogue when playing skyrim.thanks for your time
  7. Larrydd


    Hi not sure if this is the right place but are there any traits or skills when creating a sim that lends itself to a healthy sex life.thanks for your time
  8. hi one other question if I open the folder in large penis there are 3 packages in AF and 3 in AM which ones do I need,also there is no required mods to run this mod is that so. I'm new to modding sims 4 as you can see lol.
  9. Hi sorry for asking a newbe question but do you download all the penis and where is the download file, is it just the pornstar penis.thanks in advance
  10. Larrydd


    yes you are right just started the game and the path is there, sorry bad explaining on my part
  11. Larrydd


    strange I can go as far as C/users/name/doc/ but thats it no EA. could be because I have not started the game yet ?
  12. Larrydd


    my game is here E/program files 86/origin games/sims 4/game/bin so the folder for mods would go there