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  1. hi all I'm looking for the racemenu plugin which allows me to alter the size and shape of my schlong, I've used it before but cant seem to find it on this playthrough.can anyone help.many thanks
  2. hi looking for the above mod I used it in my last playthrough but cant find it now, prob looking in the wrong place.thanks
  3. hi just starting a new game of skyrim can anyone tell me the the animation mod that allows me to alter the size of the schlong,thought it was xp32 extended.many thanks
  4. hi anyone know of a mod that uses auto strip in say a pool, was plenty in skyrim
  5. Larrydd

    SexLab Dirty Talk October 23, 2018

    hi all I take it this mod only works for a new game, or am I wrong.thanks for your time
  6. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    sorry mate put it badly but the answer you gave is what I was looking for.many thanks
  7. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    first time I've heard of those 2 mate is that their full names.
  8. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    thanks for your reply can you name a couple of bdsm mods for me to try.
  9. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    hi loving this mod one question is there any bdsm or aggresive mod that works with this mod.many thanks
  10. hi I know its late in the day but what animation packs work well with this mod.many thanks
  11. hi dont know what I am doing wrong installed this mod with all the mods needed,and I'm dammed if I can open it by pressing the home key. any idea's .thanks
  12. Hi read most of the posts and have started a brand new game,is there any way that will show if the mod is working,have pressed the home key ?thanks
  13. Hi just downloaded this mod and as I'm new to it is there any file that tells me how and what to do.many thanks
  14. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    thanks for your reply so if you install say 10 followers into a house mod, do you just say start an orgy to one of them and the others join in or do you have to get them all together first, in the same cell as you are and then say start an orgy
  15. Larrydd

    Follow me for Sex (V3.6)

    hi great mod one question when starting an orgy do your followers have to be following you or is it enough they are in the same home as you. many thanks