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  1. My guess would be that the latest version of Leito's animations pack is set up for the AAF framework not Four Play. If you want to stick with Four Play you'll want to download version 1.4 of Leito's animations. I do suggest switching over to AAF as it's what currently supported using this guide here.
  2. Hey, just a heads up to Aylis and anyone currently working through the mod list. The FSM body textures are currently unavailable on Nexus.
  3. Buffout 4 also enables achievements for modded games, making the achievements mod in Foundation is redundant now.
  4. Did you install an ENB? A lot of them tend to have letterbox bars on by default so you just need to disable them. You should be able to do this in-game by opening up the ENB menu (End key on my set up, may be different for yours) and opening up the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.fx tab on the right hand side of the menu, where there should be a enable letterbox bar option. The spoiler has a screen shot of the menu for reference.
  5. Which actual gameplay mods do you all normally run? Usually I just run AAF Family Planning, Prostitution, Sex em up, Violate and Vanilla Fudge. But I thought I might change it up a bit, especially since a few of those mods haven't been updated in a while.
  6. I figured as much, it just seemed a bit strange to me that it was that specific mod. Thanks for clarifying though.
  7. Hey Aylis thanks for your continuing work on this modlist. A couple of things I've found about Guards Armour replacer and New Legion. First, a possible replacement for the current bodyslide files for Guards Armor and maybe bodyslides for the rest of the NordWar mods later. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43103 Second, this may be just an issue on my end. But I've found that unless I move the New Legion Armour mod below Guard Dialogue overhaul, the generic Legion armour (light, medium and heavy) will still be the vanilla armours. More unique armours li
  8. Hey Aylis, just to clarify. Going through the mod list you're running both CBBE and Fusion Girl simultaneously, not as a pick one or the other option?
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