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  1. This worked for me!! But only for the player -- NPC's/followers aren't registered with SLIF in the same way. Any ideas?
  2. This tool is insanely helpful and works like a charm -- but does anyone know how I can preserve the MCM settings for a new save? I use a mix of sliders to achieve the right look and its a bit tedious to re-enter every time. Thanks!
  3. Hmmm, I've tried replacing "Vore Prey Belly" with "PregnancyBelly" in the MCM, but the PregnancyBelly slider seemingly wasn't affected. The goal is to use morphs that are compatible with existing clothing mods (aka ones that already have a compatible slider) but I may be misunderstanding how the custom slider works. Should I be using the belly node instead? Or is clothed-morphing currently impossible even with existing sliders? (I've built the CBBE 3BA AllSliders body + morphs so in theory it should work?) Also -- huge THANK YOU for getting WeightMorphs to work. I'd spent hours trying to add that functionality to the last edition of Refactor with no success
  4. Thanks for the incredible work -- easily the best experience I've had with a devourment mod. Question on bodymorphs -- what body should I build, and which MCM settings do I select to get morphs working with the original body (ie. PregnancyBelly slider) rathr than an add-on belly? The add-on bellies are great but I'd love to try straight racemenu morphs and I can't figure out what combination I need. Thanks!
  5. Honestly the breast implant INVB Bodymorphs mod from Fallout is my DREAM mod. Its more lore-friendly in the Fallout universe, but if someone ported it to SSE and integrated it with Devious Cursed Loot or Egg Factory so that it was spread throughout the world and the implants auto equipped as part of a scripted event I'd be in HEAVEN. I'm just really into breast expansion and implants are my favorite version of that kink. This was the mod that made me really crack open and learn the Creation Kit so I could spread the implants via leveled list and add custom dialogue and legendary item keyphrases, but editing mods in Skyrim is a lot more intimidating.
  6. Hey forever, any chance you'd mind sharing your tweaks? If INVB is cool with it of course! I'm a complete novice at this stuff but would love to add even more functionality to this mod (more sliders, different % versions scattered through the world via leveled lists, key item text etc.) Also -- thanks INVB!! This mod is one I've been really hoping for!
  7. Hey LA -- any chance you'd consider giving this same treatment to INVB's Body Implants mod? I'm having a hell of a time customizing which sliders that mod modifies. Trying to use it with the True Wasteland Body has tripped me up. Thanks again for all the great content!
  8. Appreciate the offer but thats well beyond my level mate! I'm just hacking some things together based on a very rudimentary understanding of a few CK features. Playing around with what gives/cures/modifies Rads is simple enough though, and you've given that a great function.
  9. Commenting for the first time ever just to say THANK YOU for this incredible mod! This opens the door for a ton of other fun, thematic mods that build on top of this system. Its exciting to have an existing in-game mechanic work with body modification. You've inspired me to open up CK for the first time in a long time just to try and get a few of my own ideas working. Thanks again!
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