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  1. Older screens [6/28/20] - Shi'varra found a new mask (also lost my old preset so the tattoos color is off, will hopefully have it right next time)
  2. Meet Shi'Varra my khajiit barbarian. NSFW/futa ahead
  3. Thanks and yeah it was on the back, will try that. Aside from that im running into an issue with the hair being static whenever i load a save and the only way to get the physics working is to go into racemenu.
  4. Tried that with one of the hairs and the physics stopped working and im not sure how to fix it. Edit: So i retried it and the physics work now! not sure what i did wrong the first time. however i did notice that a portion of the hair was a darker color that the rest.
  5. Been searching for a while and have not really found any. The only thing i've found so far was dints hdt hairs. The hairs are available to khajiit but they are not positioned for khajiit heads so there is alot of clipping and only a hand full of hairs somewhat work.
  6. some more pics. downloaded the freecam blaze linked earlier so ive been messing around with it.
  7. Thank you and i did try messing around with expressions via racemenu but couldnt really make any that didnt look goofy lol.
  8. Thank you, will have to look that up later. Thanks lol and yeah i just started taking screens not that long ago. Also i was just using the free cam from sexlab lol, however an fov and zoom option would have helped alot so that sounds like a must have.
  9. some more screens of my argonian. Kinda new to taking screens so any tips/criticism would be appreciated.
  10. Gonna go ahead and say solved. Aslyslpyduo responded in the yiffy age thread and linked to a patch that could help and explained that this is mainly hdt pe being weird
  11. Thank you! I'll try out the patch later and see if that works if not then i'll just have to live with it lol. On the bright side there isnt many argonian/khajiits in skyrim so it wont be a constant problem.
  12. Heres a video. this also happens to khajiit npcs. sorry for the late response, i have shit internet so it takes me a while to upload stuff
  13. The hdt tails from yiffy age dont have an esp since all the mod does is replace the tail mesh with one with physics and adds some xmls. also thanks for the link, that mod looks interesting and i will probably try it out later.
  14. didnt work. it's strange because im also using the inari hdt tails and they work perfectly with sexlab. the only difference i can think of is those are equipable while yiffy ages hdt tails are replacers.
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