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  1. Man I can't wait till this get fully updated with the DLC
  2. So mine didn't have a modpath so I had to copy and paste it but it still doesn't work. Anyone else have having this issue.
  3. So it might just be me but for some reason the mod doesn't give me any traits or events at all. I'm going to keep messing around with my other mods but they shouldn't be causing issues with the mod itself. I will return later with edits. Edit: Ok so I'm just running the mod itself and I'm still not running into any events or options from the mod. Will continue to work as needed. Edit 2: Ok so I uninstalled the mod that I had and tried to download the mod again but for some reason it said there were issues with the artifacts, not sure if there is anything else but fairly sure that might be part of the problem.
  4. Thank you very much. I'll have to start a new run again but hopefully this mod will help with that as well as give the damn pics as well. Thank you very much again.
  5. So I really like making a dynasty of werewolves but every time I try it seems like the trait refuses to pass down my line at all. I have the updated mod and the genealogy mod on so I was wondering if anyone else was running into this problem?
  6. One thing that annoys me is how you can't choose the trait for breasts and dick size. I get why you can't but it would be cool if that could be brought back. Maybe as a potion of some sort like how it was in the old version. Minor grip of a great mod.
  7. Aw jeez man you ok? We can wait no problem just focus on getting better.
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