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    My story with modding started when i found that my female character have child-flat-ass and i started to looking for way to correct it ;-) Few days later I wrote first papyrus script. I'm BDSM lover so as a gamer and modder I enjoy every day on this forum.


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  1. Is their a certain load order for being a cow. Enjoy the mod but I can never get my characters to get cow spots horns or any other transformation with this mod my last character i maxed out at level 10 with 1700 milks nothing. Are their any other milk mods that conflict with being a cow such as the milk maid or milk addit or got milk or hentai milk. and after a reach a certain level in MME my character turns black. Also when milking my character goes from light skin to brown for a second than back to light skin. Please, Please help.

    1. AkiKay


      Very late reply and likely things you already tried but.. To get the Transformation to work you need to become a Milkmaid, then get milked, rest due to exhaustion and repeat this step until the transformations start happening. Depending on your difficulty setting the transformation can kick in later on I think. 


      You don´t have multiple breasts when the black skin happens right ? I think they are incompatible with Being a Cow´s skin.


      The changing skin color is certainly weird. The only thing I could see happening is that MME feeds you the Skin Change Potion from Bac instead of Lactacid but that wouldn´t make sense. I highly doubt this myself. 


      If you haven´t already fixed it by now or my tips didn´t help, I wish you good luck fixing this and on becoming a bovine adventuress 😄

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