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  1. hey guys, what's this body skin (and normal)? and the enb, pls
  2. Hi guys, is there version of apachii hair No 40 v1_3 with physics? please let me know
  3. - 2019.11.09(1.25V) - - Fixed the issue that slavetats or any overlays didn't work for the body. Hello, can i ask how did you fix that? i use all of your BHUNP-body things except main body mesh. I just replaced it with old UUNPxd v1 mesh because i like more how it looks in lower labia part. So i still use your weights, bones, those SMP invisible meshes and settings etc. But now i got the problem where slavetats and racemenu overlays dont appear. I'm not a modder and dont understand what i have to do to fix that issue, pls halp. Here is why i prefer UUNPxd mesh instead of BHUNP, may be you'll add option for BHUNP to look it somehow like this in lower parts (or even better i hope). Few perv screenshots now: BHUNP: enb 2020_02_11 23_36_14_88.bmp and UUNPxd v1: enb 2020_02_25 21_38_04_43.bmp
  4. could you tell what body is this? never saw such lower part for skyrim
  5. Okay boiz, the solution is *Mesh -> Flip faces* in Nifscope!
  6. What texture do you place? regular unp/cbbe? Ofc that won't work and I want original textures which come with body (i have all of them but linked only torso in that .nif just to test), if i connect them in .nif - everything is in right place except it's directed inside (like at my screenshot). I'll try now with editing UV to combine all parts (as i said parts are too large and i dont know how to place all of them yet since i know almost nothing about 3d) but i thought it would be easier to fix mirroring issue and dont do extra work.
  7. i'm afraid i won't combine textures in this case. Actually i thought about that and it would be the best, but i dont know how to put all these textures in 1 file because parts are just too large from 4 original texture-files. But after all I think its not the problem to leave mesh divided like that as alternative solution, i create little esp mod and use new shape with skin like armor with few .dds files attached. Well there will be another issue with skin shaders, but for now i want to find the answer for texture inversion or how to combine large textures in 1 file, or both.
  8. its called Spoiler, little eye icon How should i fix it, only if there is an option to mirror-invert texture from its back side.
  9. Yeh, i clicked both invert UV (xy) and mirror (xyz) , it turns textures but not the way i need. Well i did, found this https://www.daz3d.com/interactive-license-info. As i understand you get that additional *interactive licence and do whatever you want. Actually there is plenty of daz stuff for skyrim here and there, and ppl share it and even make money. I dont see any problem till loverslab will ban me for that. But thx for warning anyway.
  10. seems its not there, it just turns textures upside down and from right to left. will they send me to jail? btw you always can buy special licences for their stuff to resell or smth.
  11. hello kind people, I've got weird issue with body-converting, it's not really about Outfit Studio but related question i think, so hope someone here can help. After exporting body from Daz in .obj and importing to OS it appears with textures inverted inside the body. I'm very new to modding and 3d so i huv no idea what's going on. Btw i installed Maya, but seems i cant export properly from there in .obj to get things in OS. In game it looks like on screenshot, you see nipples and navel from back view
  12. woah thanks man, im not sure i got all of that in details, but i guess it's comprehensive guide. Should definitely try.
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