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  1. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Lingerie

    That's it! Thanks for that
  2. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Lingerie

    Yeah, that's where I got the pic from (here to be exact) but I'm looking for the armour mod used in the pic.
  3. Does anyone know what mod this lingerie comes from?
  4. TJHammersmith

    [SEARCH] Lowered Swimsuit

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  5. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Armour mod or pose

    Ahhhh... no worries then. Thanks for your help!
  6. Does anyone know what this swimsuit mod is and where I can download it?
  7. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Armour mod or pose

    Thanks but I was looking more for the lowered briefs rather than the ears and tail
  8. I occasionally see pics with clothing positioned in varying stages of removal. Are these pics made with clothing mods or pose mods? Regardless, can anyone identify which mods have been used in these pics?
  9. TJHammersmith

    [Search] Dog Tags

    No worries. Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. TJHammersmith

    [Search] Dog Tags

    Thanks, but I've never converted mods from Ob/FO4/FONV to Skyrim before.
  11. Does anyone know where I can find a mod with dog tags?
  12. TJHammersmith

    [Search] Nyotengu Marionette

    Can you let me know where you downloaded that? Or is it private?
  13. TJHammersmith

    [Search] Nyotengu Marionette

    Each to their own I guess... but I'm interested in the outfit, not the NPC.
  14. Looking for the Skyrim conversion of Nyotengu from DOA's "Marionette" outfit. I found the pics below on Tumblr, but when I asked the poster if they made the outfit or got it from somewhere, they never got back to me. Can anyone help me out? Pics:
  15. TJHammersmith

    Mod Organiser & Bodyslide

    Yeah..... I did just that in the end. Oh well, lesson learned.