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  1. Does anyone know what mod the low-cut top in this screenshot is from and where I can get it? Unfortunately, I saved the link for the image and not the tumblr page it was from.
  2. TJHammersmith

    [SEARCH] Kailu preset/follower

    Well, in the interests of bringing this to a head, would you mind letting me know what I've overlooked?
  3. TJHammersmith

    [SEARCH] Kailu preset/follower

    @Daftlover9103 - thanks for the info @winny257 - thanks for the link, I'll check it out @27X - why the LOL?
  4. A tumblr user by the name of Tetrodoxin has posted pics of a character called Kailu: http://tetrodoxin.tumblr.com/ I messaged Tetrodoxin, asking if the character was be available for download as a preset or follower, but I received no response. Does anyone know if the character is available for download and if so, where?
  5. TJHammersmith

    [SEARCH] Nela Stonewulf Follower

    Sadly, no - that's Nila, I'm after Nela.
  6. I found these shots here: https://artanis4skyrim.tumblr.com/post/174366663368 but the original poster's tumblr is gone so I can't message them. Does anyone have any details of the character or if she's available for download as a preset or follower?
  7. TJHammersmith

    [SEARCH] Nela Stonewulf Follower

    Done - I'll report back if/when I get a response.
  8. I know that Sunsakuka's Nila Stonewulf is available for download as a follower, but was Nela Stonewulf ever available for download? Thanks!
  9. TJHammersmith

    Creating CBBE bodysuit for UNP NPCs

  10. Eeek! That sounds difficult/scary!
  11. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Unbuttoned Top

    Unfortunately, no I can't - I got them from tumblr a while ago, but didn't save the link
  12. Hi, Does anyone know what mod this top is from and where I can download it?
  13. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Lingerie

    That's it! Thanks for that
  14. TJHammersmith

    [WHAT IS?] Revealing Lingerie

    Yeah, that's where I got the pic from (here to be exact) but I'm looking for the armour mod used in the pic.