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  1. Your game brakes my saves I can't exit or reenter the game after starting this mods quist If your talking it about it being super fat it's not a bug he just hasn't got around to fixing the body meshes
  2. OK I talked to almost every guard I could find but none of them starts the mod. Ether I'm missing somthing or a mod I have brakes yours
  3. cant wait for sextec hopefully bye the time it comes out i have a better computer my computer has 8gb but only uses 7.50.. im also going to wait to get fallout 4 withh all dlc in one pack
  4. it seems the 5ith animation dosent play it all just the first part were she rubs her boobs.
  5. the parasites arnt showing up the branicals are but nothing else i have ect+ and spider as well but the worms and facehugger arnt there. the item menu says there equioed but thats all.
  6. i know this is impossible but i hope there will be animations for radscorpions and rouches the last sexout needed more bug animations..and yes the skeleton is to small but they made an animation for bunnies in skyrim. and a fertile breeder quastt for these animals would be great.
  7. will there be female creature textures. like horses and wolfs
  8. i dont know if this thread is dead or not but this mod has those animations http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2436-horny-dragons-of-skyrim/ wolf horse bear and more but there arnt any textures and meshes for female animations and things so its gay stuff..but creature frame work has a female check.
  9. Right now, you can get enslaved to wolves through standard DA events. Alternately, you can "surrender" to them using the SD+ surrender mechanic, that should do it. EDIT: Sorry, looked back a page and noticed you've already covered those and they're not working. The only other way I can think of is starting a new game and using the "enslaved to a wolf" scenario in CCAS. yup the mod arthor said he would fix the broken buttons in the next patch....
  10. ok i was enslaved using simple slavery but im wanting creature enslavement perfebly wolfs how do i make this appen
  11. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/45868-the-sims-3-geckos-detailed-vagina-butts-default-replacement/ http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36994-the-sims-3-complete-adult-guide-xxx/ The mods you need are here at these two links the second has alot of things for your game hope this helps ok but where do i put them in the packages or a new place
  12. oh ok also sexlab beastess has a very good crawling animation if you need one
  13. surrender button isnt working for me and im not being enslaved also the crawl buton also donst work..im wanting to be enslaved bye a wolf.. i have defeat and submit on as well do the conflict.just want to be enslaved
  14. i fixed it also my sims have no nipples i installed a nude mod but it semes there are no nips or vag is there a mesh or texture mod i should install im a noob when it comes to modding sims 3
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