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  1. Hi Tara, Is there any chance to release an alpha version of this mod for us to play with? Thanks.
  2. Hi t.ara, Wanted to thank you for this great mod, which I'm using as a very valuable resource for my Skyrim BDSM themed scenarios Here is a sample with your chair as an alternative torture device (changed it's wood texture to look more genuine) http://fav.me/dbihjl1 About the last stocks animation, I think they are a great start! As a stocks fan I have a little request if it's possible: can you make an alternative animation / pose with the stocks without that floor angle inclination? I mean the stocks should have a "0 degree" angle on "z axis". Thanks again for all your work,
  3. Dasha, when you finish actual projects, will you make some high quality wrist & ankle cuffs?
  4. Cool. I'm waiting for so long to upgrade the armbinder with your straightjacket
  5. Love the jacket, looks magnificent! And the pillows are useful, I'm gona use them to decorate my cellar dungeon! Three questions me have: the body used in wip pics is CBBE or UNP? and the weight slider is 100? Can you adapt the jacket to Zaz animation like zazapc006 and zazapc007? Thanks, W.
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