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  1. Lykaios Race Fallout 4

    I mean, that depends on what you'd consider a new race. According to the game, it's just a reskin with some new headparts, but in the source material, it's a different race. As for the OP's question about making it affect anyone, it's easy enough (Kind of) to whip up a looksmenu preset manually; it's all done in the JSON format, which is somewhat readable by humans. Just create the relevant texture sets and headparts, and load it up.
  2. But my presets load just fine, and I was actually loading the preset to undo the changes? You said yourself that you "Don't use any mods like Fourplay", so if you wanna be a fucking wanker about what I thought the cause was, go ahead. Again, it doesn't fucking matter now. It's been solved because I did a thing that I didn't do beforehand. The cause is irrelevant.
  3. A completely different bug to what I had; my problem was as though someone had used the "slm" command on my character, and applied lipstick with the colour red chosen. Nothing was necessarily out of the ordinary with the lipstick tint itself, it was just that the makeup portion of it was being applied and re-applied to my character, presumably on game load. The fix for it was literally just un-applying the lipstick within the looks menu. Between that, and with how it only came about after I installed 4P, this is why I was lead to believe that it was a script or a spell that was causing it, rather than some form of bug that would be inexplicable.
  4. Well no, From my experience, it seems to have been a bug with my then 4P installation, as I had missed installing something. This bug came about after I had installed 4P and a handful of other mods to go with it, and only wen't away after I installed the missing F4SE Community Patch. But what it could have been doesn't matter now, as it doesn't happen any more.
  5. Welp, I don't know if this is what actually fixed it, or if there was something else that I've forgotten I've done, or what. I was trying to fix some of the log spam from the "Player Comments" mod, and in doing so, discovered that the outdated loose script files I had were causing it, so I promptly removed them. The saves created between doing that and now don't seem to be afflicted with this lipstick bug any more. Though I get the feeling I'll be editing this post soon enough. Edit: Yep, of course, I forgot I also installed the FP Community F4SE Plugin. More than likely that that fixed it, not the PC scripts. Turns out I had missed the part in the install guides for 4P pointing to that, so I never installed it. Flashy's Tutorial is what told me to install it.
  6. Strange being? There's plenty of various makeup masks in "Data\Textures\Character\CharacterAssets\TintMasks" and "...\FaceDetails", of which the entire latter folder seems to be related to non-lipstick makeup. There is only three files in "...\TintMasks" and all three have been there for ages, as I extracted them from the vanilla archives ages ago. I'm not sure how a tinktmask on its own would be able to do what is essentially opening the looksmenu on my character, adding the red lipstick, and then confirming changes.
  7. So, I recently got around to installing Four Play, and a handful of mods that use it, such as RSE and FPE, as well as their dependencies. Thing is, now my character is now getting lipstick applied every time I load a save, even if the save has no lipstick applied at the time of saving. I don't know what's causing it to happen, whether it's a script, spell, or what, but it's driving me nuts. While it's simple enough to fix, I really don't want to have to slm every time I load up the game. Spoilered is my load order: Any idea on what's causing it? And/or what I need to do to disable it?
  8. Family Planning Enhanced

    You need to build using the zeroed sliders when building morphs. Otherwise they get fucked. From there, you can load up a LooksMenu preset that has Body Morph morphs built in to it. Or use the in game bodyslide to your heart's content. Building morphs just gives you a base to work from in game, it doesn't automatically apply your slider preset from bodyslide.
  9. Family Planning Enhanced

    It sounds a lot like the bodies/armours your character is wearing weren't built to support Body Morph. The solution is to build everything from bodyslide using the "CBBE Zeroed Sliders" preset, and checking the "Build Morphs" box in the bottom left.
  10. Jetpack perk questions

    I'll give it a look. I should note, however, that the PoC is almost essentially how it will work in the final version; tied to a perk. My main goal here is to make the wings in Chrysalis' Armour be more than just for show, which is why I am also trying to override the sounds, change facial expression, etc.
  11. Jetpack perk questions

    Oof, overwriting vanilla game settings/records is something I don't want to do if it can be avoided. Reckon there'd be a way to do so either by using new game settings, or by not using game settings?
  12. So, I'm taking a copy of F4's jetpack effects, and making them in to a perk variant. I've got a proof of concept that works, but I've got a couple of questions about it: Is there any way to override the jetpack sounds? Or is that not possible without overwriting the sound files themselves? Is there any way to override the AP drain? The proof-of-concept version I've got drains all ~200 of my AP in a little over a second. And lastly, though only tangentially related: Is there a way to change facial morphs via script? Like how when certain pieces of dialogue are said, the eyebrows become cross looking, and such. The PoC itself is just a perk which adds an ability which references a duplicated spell, which references a duplicated MGEF. That's all there is to it, really.
  13. Chrysalis' Armour

    Use the armour workbench. There is a new mod option there specific to my armour pieces called "Alternate looks".
  14. Family Planning Enhanced

    So, I'm quite tempted to add FPE functionality to my mod, Chrysalis' Armour. The general idea would be that instead of giving birth to a child like you normally would in FPE, you'd lay an egg (or two dozen). Another aspect would be that my mod's new consumable, "Love" would not only heal the "child", but also lurch forward the pregnancy by a given amount, as such that an abundance of love would cause quite the quick pregnancy. My question is, how would this have to be done? I'll admit that I haven't had a look through FPE's scripts, so I don't really know how that side works. Mind you, I'd only have a vague idea of how it worked anyways, as I don't know all that much Papyrus. Would I have to modify FPE scripts for it to work the way I'm imagining it? (Locked to the player, that is.) I'd rather not do this, if it's avoidable. Or would I be able to somehow hook in to the scripts used by FPE? This would be the ideal solution. Edit: Duh, RTFM. New question: How hard would it be to write up a "baby addon" that would do this? Forget I asked anything, of course it's all documented.
  15. Chrysalis' Armour

    Changelog for update 1.1b/1.1c - Fixed bug where members of the "aaaPonyRace" couldn't have their love consumed. - Fixed bug introduced in 1.1b where you could consume the love of desk fans (and other misc. objects), of all things.