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  1. Evan555alpha

    Chrysalis' Armour

    Figured you guys need an update. It's been a while. Progress on the asset side of things is mostly there; I just need to model a few more things, fix some textures, etc. Otherwise, assets are done. The hurdle here is the whole questline, worldspace, and other non-asset things, really. Quests are a whole new aspect of modding to me, and are going to be a pain to get working. Building in the CK is also new to me as well. Oh, and there's gonna be a whole load more scripting because I've decided to overhaul the start quest again. Here's a sneak peek at things: That's right, UI icons. There's gonna be perk icons that fit within Fallout's already existing perks, too. Oh, and there may or may not be something in relation to a new set of power armour, too.
  2. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Well that was almost the entire point of trying to use the GetBaseObject() function, which wouldn't compile. Because, as I said before, the debug notification for "Slot33.Item" just returns "Armor". Also, for maximum compatibility, I'd also have to make the if statement checking whether or not it is the naked skin an OR operand, alongside some "IsPluginInstalled()" and "GetFormFromFile()" functions; Looksmenu's skins will direct the naked body to be a different ARMO record, and I've already made another mod that does exactly that. I'll try Game.GetPlayer() instead of the property, and see if there's a difference.
  3. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    There's dozens of videos on Youtube that explain and show how to enter and edit cells within the CK. I suggest giving them a watch, as they could explain infinitely better than text, how to use the cell editor in the CK. @Carreau and @Halstrom I've managed to get my script to fire each time something is equipped now, but now I'm at a different hurdle. Using the following script, it is unable to tell the difference whether or not slot 33 is actually occupied. I tried adding in a "GetBaseObject()" line, to try and prevent the naked body from being allowed as an armour that occupies the slot for this context, but the script would just fail to compile, stating that "GetBaseObject is not a function or does not exist.". I should probably also note that the last two debug notifications, Slot33.Item and akBaseObject, show in the notification as "Armor" and "Form", which is what led me to trying to use GetBaseObject.
  4. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Fuck off with the 76 drama. This is not the thread for it. I don't know if you can't tell or not, but the recent activity here is clearly because there's still active mod development. You would load up the DLC itself into the CK and then proceed to edit the cell "DLC06VaultWorkshop". I don't recall if you'd need to for editing a DLC itself, but I suggest going into the CK's "CreationKit.ini" file, and adding the following line under the [General] tab: bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 Now, when you do go to load up that vanilla cell, it's highly likely that the CK will crash. There's not much you can do to prevent these crashes, they just happen. Personally however, I found something that said to also append/edit the following lines to the same ini file: [Audio] bEnableAudio=0 Which has allowed me to see some vanilla cells without crashing. As for your idea of a button that places some objects, I think that the best way to go about it would be to place all those items in the cell, but making sure that you set them all to be "initially disabled". You can probably add them all to their own layer if you want, but that isn't needed beyond making it easier for you to place your stuff whilst hiding a lot of the other vanilla stuff. After you place all your things, you can add their references (you may need to give them RefIDs for this) to one giant script that is attached to your button. This button script would essentially have all those objects listed, and when the button is pressed, it would enable all the objects so that they can be seen.
  5. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    I'll give that a try, sure. Gave this a try, loaded up a save from before I created this plugin, so it's likely clean, and the same errors happened. I'll do what Carreau suggested as well, and see what happens.
  6. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Shit, so I did. You'd think that with non-native events, it wouldn't compile, but I guess not. Switching so that it extends ObjectReference got the events to fire now. However, a new problem has come up: The script fires properly, but it is unable to attach the object mod: "error: Cannot call AttachMod() on a None object, aborting function call" "warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp7"" Both of which point to line 27 of the script, "(Myself as ObjectReference).AttachMod((Enabler as ObjectMod), 1)": I'm not sure how "Myself" is being made into a "none object" when I've set it as a property in the plugin.
  7. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Nope. This script is attached to every ARMO record that is meant to be affected by the object mod. I do not touch actors with this little plugin. I had imagined that by doing so, I would be able to use the "OnEquipped" event. Here, you guys are using the "OnItemEquipped" event, which is different.
  8. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    What are "kwPOTC_ButtPlug" and "armFusionCoreButtPlug" in this context? Are they properties that you set beforehand? What are they supposed to be? Or does papyrus automatically fill them to fit the event that that if statement is in? What is this script attached to? Is it a manager quest? Or is it the item itself? I just made the player an Actor property through the Properties window in the CK. I didn't do anything with that particular property beyond that. I'll remove "Const" however.
  9. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    Well that's the thing. I enabled papyrus logging ages ago, and I have dozens of scripts, some of them also my own, that will put out debug traces just fine. I will do a run with Debug.Notification() however, and see if there's a change. Edit: As I suspected, nothing. The event isn't firing. Any suggestions on how else I could go about this?
  10. Evan555alpha

    [FO4 CK] General Help Thread

    How am I meant to use the "OnEquipped(Actor akActor)" event? Currently, I have an item with two Armour Addons; One with a model, and one with an empty model. What I want to do is, when slot 33 is occupied, I want to change the addon index to the null mesh, and when slot 33 becomes unoccupied, I want the addon index changed back. Spoiler'd is the script that I've been using, and I'm finding that none of the debug traces show up, which leads me to believe that the event isn't even firing. Mind the hodge-podge-iness of it all, I am currently just trying to get something to show up in the first place. Is it that I'm just using the wrong kind of event for this?
  11. Evan555alpha

    Yet another crash problem.

    Thank you for pointing those out. I will go through and remove the conflicting mods, provided they don't do anything else I like. 'Superl3.esp' has already been removed, as it was a never properly uninstalled 'ENB'. I should note that during the past four hours, after removing Safetyload and switching to EFF, I have not crashed. Hopefully, the next few days will prove that today wasn't a fluke.
  12. Evan555alpha

    Yet another crash problem.

    Cheers. I didn't know about the better follower overhauls and will switch over asap. I'll also remove SafetyLoad. If the crashes remain persistent, I'll also remove DSR. The 30th of may was two or so days ago for me; I had changed the setting between the time that that error occurred, and the time that I posted the OP. I believe that I have more than enough CPU power to spare in a single core to allow traces to remain on. However, if these crashes are still persistent even after removing DSR, I will turn it off.
  13. So, I've got a moderately modded game, which otherwise works perfectly fine. The problem: Sporadic crashes. No "Skyrim has stopped working" windows, no "Pure virtual function call" windows, nothing. Just the game exiting without any warning. I checked Windows' own event viewer, and there was nothing listed in relation to Skyrim that I could find. Whether or not that's because I need to fuck about with OS logging to catch it, or because Skyrim isn't even leaving a crash event, I don't know. These crashes happen few and far between. One day I'll have the game open for ~8 hours without an issue, and the next I won't be able to go 15 minutes without this issue happening. Time between crashes varies between those amounts of times. They do not appear to be location dependent, as all of them have occurred when I was doing different things, be it trading with a merchant, or just running around, exploring the world. Going through the papyrus logs as well, there seems to be no consistency to the last few lines. They are attached at the end of this post. My setup: PC specs are as follows: i7 6700k running @4.0GHz 16 GB of 2133MHz DDR4 memory EVGA GTX 1050ti SC edition running @ stock speeds Intel 760p series 128GB M.2 SSD as the boot drive Toshiba 7200RPM 3TB HDD as the game/not-so-used programs drive. i.e. where Skyrim is installed to. Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit version 1709 OS Build 16299.431 I am running Skyrim Legendary Edition version I am using SKSE version I am using FNIS "Generate FNIS Behaviour files for Users" version 7.4.5 I am using Dual Sheath Redux Patcher version 1.7.2 I am using LOOT version 0.12.5 with masterlist revision fa38e00 I am using ENBSeries Wrapper version I am using Nexus Mod Manager version 0.63.14 I currently have it so that both vanilla Skyrim launchers, the SKSE launcher, and FNIS all 'launch as administrator'. I don't know if that would have any adverse effects, but I'm noting it here anyways. I do not use NMM to download mods, I merely use it to install mods to keep track of overwrites. I have cleaned my vanilla masters, save for Skyrim.esm, as per the Modding Guide's Instructions, and have otherwise followed said guide as close as possible. FNIS complains of one missing animation file which 'Bathing In Skyrim' uses. It appears that the specific animation from the mod that BIS references no longer exists in that mod, at least, not under the same name that BIS expects. This is one of two animations that BIS references, the other is there. Attached are my ini files for SKSE and the base game. My load order is as follows: I am using the following SKSE plugins: Their respective ini/log/txt files are in the attached archive. What I have tried doing: Various crash fixing/memory patching plugins/mods/tweaks, as seen above. Using the ENB Forced Borderless Windowed mode. Ensuring that FNIS/SKSE/ENB/Patches are all up to date. Ensuring that LOOT/FNIS has been used. What I have yet to try: Vanilla/SKSE only. Modded with no HDT/BBP/TBBP anything. I don't even know if there is something specific that could be causing these crashes, or whether or not it could plainly be summed up as Oldrim being Oldrim. Script.rar ini_log_txt.rar Game INI.rar
  14. Evan555alpha

    Family Planning Enhanced

    When it comes to using morphs, that's quite a bad idea, as the morphs will all be out of alignment with anything that changes them. So if you max out the 'pregnancybelly' slider, then build morphs, then FPE will extend the slider's morph even further, even though the numerical value of the slider is where FPE expects it to be. This can cause ugliness, as well as more clipping than expected. If you're doing it because you want to get your preferred body shape, you can get the same shape by either manually putting in your slider preset's values into LM's sliders menu, or by loading a preset that has your bodyslide slider values built into it. As far as I know, there isn't an automatic way to convert values from Bodyslide's XML format to LM's json format, so you will have to do it manually at least once, however.
  15. Evan555alpha

    Family Planning Enhanced

    The same way you'd get into the vanilla looks menu; either anywhere that allows you to change your face/body, or through the "slm 14" command.