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  1. A few months into the new year, so here's an update: Not all that much has been done with the mod. I was away for the second half of December, and I've been working, and working on other projects in the meantime. I have come to redo some things however, such as giving the main book featured here its own model and new textures, rather than have it be a shitty retexture of the burnt books you can find laying around. There's been a little bit done in the way of new assets, but not really all that much. At the moment, I need to go back and rework a lot of things behind the scenes so that I can properly implement some things. Take the drones, for example. I'm taking those guys, and completely changing the regular ones so that they're not ghouls anymore. I'm also taking all the NPCs I've added so far, and I've gone and made a completely new race entry for them, in preparation of the unique bodies that they're going to have at some point in the sorta-near future. Basically, I need to go back and adjust several things in Chrysalis' Armour.esp which involves removing some records. Don't worry, however, as I won't be removing records if they were present in the 1.2 release. Where will these removed records go, you might ask? Most of them will be moved over into a new Master plugin, Changelings.esm. This new master is what will contain things such as the race entry I mentioned above, the new worldspace I have planned, all the quests relevant to that, and things like that. A handful, such as a cell I added shortly after v1.2's release, were simply deleted, as I am no longer going with that aspect of the story that I had thought of. Speaking of the race aspect, my end goal is to more or less remove dependency on Crimes Against Nature, which I am currently working towards. However, the future will decide if the skeleton is still required. Other than that, I could always introduce an ESL patch to allow for things such as additional races on the armour pieces, provided I decide to remove them from the original plugin in the first place. As a side note, I have also somewhat managed to set up a development environment for F4SE plugins. What this means is that there is now a potential window for me to utilise the vanilla jetpack functions, instead of my hacked-together flight script. I still need to work out what I should do to achieve that, however. In the end, there's still a lot I have to learn about the CK (As well as a lot to fix! Bad meshes everywhere...), particularly in regards to creating worlds, and in general, using the viewport. Bah, almost forgot about your request. I'll get around to doing that, and I'll upload them here. Be aware that I will have reorganised a lot of folders, though, so you may want to remove the old bodyslide files that I provided.
  2. I could make a no-physics option, sure. More environment-related things, such as cocoons, are all definitely planned as part of the planned worldspace.
  3. Is there a way to have multiple instances of the same actor be treated as individuals by the game? What about multiple instances of the same quest alias? I've got a pseudo-follower character who functions as I want them to, and has a manager quest for dialogue interactions with them. The thing is, I want it for there to be multiple instances of this follower, all of which are treated as their own thing. It probably doesn't help that I use quest stages to manage whether this follower is actively following, waiting, or fired. Could I possibly use multiple aliases, rather than a single alias?
  4. So it's been nearly two months, figure it's time for an update: Work is slow-going, but work is being done. I've been working so far on a new weapon that is available (Which replaces an already-existing weapon in this mod). It's not quite finished, but it's getting there: Also pictured is a small sample of the upcoming actual-armour set, over-time body changes, and a handful of fixes that have been made so far. There's plenty more to come, so stay tuned!
  5. Given a choice, fem vanilla/sub, however if a game's decent enough where you're a male protag then that won't stop me. Don't really like being the dominant one, so dom's out. As Z0mBieP00Nani said, I "live my life as a male", so it ends up being that I'll be playing as a female in most cases. I'd never play as a herm/futa. Others can like that for all they want, but those are just really high up on my "fetishes I really dislike" list. This all being said, I can't really say that I play all that many "adult" games. Intense sexual themes, nudity, F/F action, etc? Sure. But so far, I've never really been one for hardcore M/F action in my games, which is why I haven't really ended up doing much with a lot of the adult mods found here.
  6. Ah, but those are debugs. If you accidentally compile with the compiler set to remove stuff that uses the "debug" script, those will be removed. I suggest using $Message.Show() instead, where $Message is your MessageBox property defined in the script, and set to be a message that is a record in your plugin. Within the message record, you can define how long it's displayed (if it's a box), and use flags to define whether it's a message box, or a notification. I use both to send the end user update notifications, or first time mod startup message boxes.
  7. It's not the clothing textures that're broken; something is deforming the body mesh in a way that should never happen. Try resetting the weight triangle as best you can, either manually, or by loading a preset. If I remember correctly, having that triangle something other than centred when body-morphs are involved can lead to adverse effects, such as this. EDIT: Going by the hair mesh's shape, I'd also suggest checking to see if you're using an outdated version of Chrysalis' Armour. I know that I changed the default shape for it in v1.1, and later added physics to it in 1.2, so unless it's that shape because you re-built it from Bodyslide... Yeah. These later versions also come with LM presets that have centred weight triangles.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but working on this whilst waiting for a reply, I found the event "OnMagicEffectApply()" which I could register to my script with "RegisterForMagicEffectApplyEvent()". I could use these two, as both the specific items I'm trying to listen for have a unique magic effect that I use to apply another script. By listening out for these script MGEFs, I was able to get this script's functions to happen. The entire point of this script is so that the entire set of bodymorphs for the player will increase a little each time a particular object is eaten, until a set of target morphs are reached. Sadly, the target morphs are currently hard-coded in to be equivalent to the preset that comes with the mod. Ideally, I'd use something, possibly an F4SE plugin, to parse either bodyslide presets, or LM presets, and scrape morph data from them, and convert it to the right format. Spoiler'd is the updated, working script:
  9. So, is there any way to get a quest script to receive an event when a specific item (potion, in this case) is used? I'm currently using the Actor.OnItemEquipped(Actor akSender, Form akBaseObject, ObjectReference akReference) event, but akBaseObject only returns [Potion, and akReference returns None. Would it be possible to do more easily with Quest Aliases? What about sending custom event? Each item has it's own script already attached to do something else, but when I tried to do custom events, they didn't seem to fire. I don't want to tie the script to the item itself; the script's already tied to a hidden manager quest. Spoiler'd is the script in question.
  10. Coming back to this, would it be worth looking into creating an F4SE plugin to override the default jetpack's sound, and then use what I initially did with the perk? It'd be a whole lot less clunky than the hacked together script that I've been using in the meantime. Of course, that comes with its own set of challenges, such as learning C++, knowing what exactly it is that I'm looking for to override, creating conditions for the override, etc.
  11. You tried making one as a property? I've had a script compile with the following: Float[] Property PropertyName Auto You could then define the size of the array by filling out blank default values in the CK. Just a suggestion, I don't know if you want to do it an a specific way.
  12. If you really want to know what you're doing, I suggest reading up on what a 'load order' is. It's useful to know how to fix one so that mods work the way you want them to. I suggest using my mod without any mods that alter the start-up sequence of the game. So no 'start me up' mods or anything. Try and get through the vanilla opening sequence. If that does not cause my mod to show up 40 seconds after you leave the vault, then please make sure that you have actually activated my mod in your load order. I also suggest putting my mod towards the end of your load order, so that it overrides any mods you may have that also alter the Science Centre Gift Shop.
  13. How so? I can't help troubleshoot if there is nothing to go off of.
  14. Please see my earlier post: What I meant here is that I found absolutely no way to override the default jetpack sounds. At all. As mentioned on the Nexus page discussing this exact topic, the moment I find a way to use the already-existing jetpack functions, the current flight implementation will be discarded.
  15. Yeah, I meant the generic wall terminal, not the embedded or institute ones. Guess I'll start work on it, then.
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