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  1. https://gamer-mods.ru/load/skyrim_se/bronja/nabor_iz_vindictus_project_vindictus_vol_1_remastered_smp/167-1-0-11410
  2. MCM is bugging out and won't save my preferences now that I've recently breach the 255 LO limit. I looked up toots on Bash Patches and installed Wrye. After many videos, pictorial pdfs, and the main webpage readme for WB I can't find a toot on what the next steps are after successfully creating a bash patch. Do I manually deactivate the merged mods? What if I install new ones, do I rebuild the same patch or make another one and put it beneath the first in the load order? I wish I knew what to do. I can hear my synapsis popping.
  3. It will be tomorrow's project, but I'm on it. I already have your blog bookmarked.
  4. Thanks so much for your help. Everything seems to be working well. I appreciate you.
  5. Nisas_Last_Exception.txtHello was getting an error after I update WW and your mod. I then used Snowy Escape to clean outy the old traits. Saved then removed SE. I'm still getting Nisa Exceptions. Thank you lastCleanException.txt lastException.txt
  6. I have both, sir. Is it the loading order? Currently Az_Shake is before the original CC
  7. Is it possible to profit from indebted hoes that you don't control? I'd like to own a club where the hoes work and are occasionally solicited so I can make a profit from it. Any ideas how to set that up without having them all in the same household as my main? Thanks
  8. Hello, I wanted to start of by applauding your mods. Its an incredibly creative addition. I was wondering about the Prostiution lot traits and how exactly to profit from having a prostitution business. Much like a brothel. So, I created my main sim, then I created workers. Made registered them, registered their debt to my main, then left them as NPCs with their household favorited. I then created a regular club with the paid solicitation lot trait applied and invited my workers with me. However they are not being solicited or if they are flirty enough with another sim, after they have sex I st
  9. I may have missed it, but where do I find the original mesh for the overalls with and w/o tshirt? CAS only shows an image of a woman in red/white with ??? all over her so I'm missing something. Thank you
  10. For some reason the swatches appear in "Bottoms" not tattoos. How do I fix this? Thank you.
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