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  1. Hi Guys, Want to use a Final Fantasy music overhaul in my game, I played it for a while and it's really nostalgic and brings a new feel to Skyrim. The problem is I am very certain it's causing CTDs on rare-ish occasions (sometimes within 30 minutes, sometimes a few hours) - i've tested it with and without this mod, and the crashes have stopped since I removed it. There is no .esp, and i've looked in the folders and can't see any scripts. As far as I can tell it's literally just overwriting Skyrims native soundtrack and effects with identical file names, which I allow it
  2. I think I had close to a thousand hours on Oldrim so have got a lot out of both. I stuck with SE because it's just way more stable, I can't even remember the last time I had a CTD on SSE and I can be *really* sloppy with my modding, it's just very, very forgiving compared to LE. In LE I had to start saving in small cells in many games after a while, because otherwise it was a CTD loading the game for the first time. That or use the QASMOKE then load into my main save method. I used to crash every few hours or so, again probably in part to some sloppy modding here and there- but aga
  3. But my point was that any one of them can be made to look like any of the others. I used to be UUNP back in the day, but with the insane amount of sliders with current bodies you can make the body look exactly how you want. As far as i'm aware with 3BA you can be slim, heavy, any shape you want and any taste, heavy jiggle, light jiggle, no jiggle. Why is there more and more incompatible bodies emerging that need their own bodyslides?
  4. Hi Guys, I have DD, DCL, Heretical Resources and a few others all installed. They seem to work well for the most part, but there are odd occurrences where say if I get caught in a device or put on an item of clothing that takes the slot of an item I am already wearing it will effectively 'break' the item I had on. So for example if something knocks out nipple piercings or a collar and takes its place (even if that item is a non-devious item, just normal clothes), the previous devious item will no longer appear on my character - it can be equipped and unequipped but is invisible
  5. Is there a reason why so many body variations are being made? As far as I can tell all it does is create branching clothing groups that aren't compatible with each other, meaning more and more people miss out on certain armors because they picked a different body. I just don't get why the community doesn't just stick with one body type - with sliders you can make the body look exactly how you want it too. On Oldrim I used to use UUNP, but with the CBBE on SSE I can easily get my body to look exactly the way I want, even the way it looked as UUNP. But now there's like a whole bunch
  6. That was my thoughts too. Cloudflare seems like a new implementation, and that 100% fine for me to go through every time I come here if the problem was ddos attacks.
  7. What are some good ways to remain in a state of "pain" for longer to reap rewards for being assaulted? I'm playing a soldier in the civil war and with defeat I get knocked down quite a lot. Regardless of that however, I find travelling from A to B frequently lowers any buffs I get and despite the fact i'm slapped and smacked all the time about 90% of the time my stats are being lowered because i'm a masochist and not in enough pain despite the fact there is little I can do to actually get attacked MORE.
  8. CBBE Bodyslide for this outfit would be amazing. Mod Link: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-658.html
  9. So I have a few eye mods going. But for some reason, certain eyes when I flip through them in racemenu are in an odd position even though some eyes work in the same mod and that others don't. It's very odd. The recurring theme seems to be when there are two different colored eyes at the same time (green in left/blue in right for example). Does anyone have any advice? Here's a pic (the left is from improved eyes and the right is Uchiha - both have eyes where some work and some don't):
  10. Has anyone been able or know where I can get CBBE Bodyslide for this(qipao)? I used it all the time in OG Skyrim, but can't find a SSE CBBE conversion anywhere. Mod Link: https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-658.html
  11. So I haven't played Skyrim in a few months and now it's throwing up this error and hanging when I run Skyproc when it gets to a certain point (Processing Actors 52%). Any ideas?
  12. I've been using EagerNPCs for a while and i'm mostly happy with it. One issue is that there doesn't seem to be any "follow me" option once you get a successful speechcheck, so you get down and bang in the middle of the room in front of everyone. Was thinking of trying something else just to see, I guess a few preferences would be: a) more outrage from NPCs if you have sex in the middle of the street. b) something that makes trying to talk up married NPCs much harder ("Hey, i'm married....but...maybe...." etc) maybe even hostile husbands lol (unlikely) c) I lik
  13. Yeah, I can't even get the framework and the main file because I can't get the caption (I created an account ages ago and now it doesn't let me log in without it)
  14. I mean, that's just for the cloaks right. You still need to visit the forum to download the actual framework unless i'm mistaken.
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