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  1. Does anyone still have the files for Tamago Outlet 1.20? The link on 4shared is dead. I've search everywhere, but can't seem to find a working link. Thanks in advance ^-^
  2. This usually happens because skeleton.nif is different than then one from LAPF.
  3. Hi there, I just got back into FO recently, and I realize the NV Raven is empty, so I did a little dig and found the files needed for Rapers to work. Found it on a russian site. Copy the files needed to run and don't mind the esp. Hope I didn't offend anyone with this. ^_^ Sexout NG F3-rus.7z
  4. Just a quick questions, how is the logic of training a slave until s/he is broken? I mean how many times or is it dependent to some attributes? I usually go into caves or ruins to find some bad guys/girls. Cast instill lust on them, raped them into submission or knocked them out then cast the enslavement spell. Then I could either use an already broken. but freed slave to do the training via selling flowers. (no infamy gain through this method) but the logic or calculation until new slaves' mind gets broken eludes me. Sometimes it only takes less than 10 sessions, others may take up to a 100. Can someone please explain this?
  5. Would someone be willing to convert this into a HGEC compatible textures? This looks fantastic for Argonian replacer makes them more like a demi humans breast, I mean beast race yet, still reptilians..
  6. If only this conversion tool is still on. I'd really like to have this converted and replace the Argonians..
  7. Thanks for the reply fejeena. No, I'm not using any malebody replacer since its already included in Seamless Race, infact it requires the male body to be uninstalled. Besides, I can always use setbody. -Edit- You're right. It's a wrong texture. Thanks to your suggestion I'm looking at the complete LO in CSE and finds that many textures still uses the default vanilla ones, that's one weird looking giant.. ?
  8. Help. I'm getting a blank texture on my penis, I mean my PC's penis. Here's my Load Order. I hope someone can help. LO.txt
  9. npcs only, but I fixed it somehow. Used obmm instead bash, and voila!!! Everything works perfecly. Now I'm thinking of using the underwear mesh from HGEC UnderWear Replace if only I can remember what setting I used a few years ago ? Edit: It came back again but this time I think I've found the culprit. Its the Mass Outfit Redesigned mod. Even after a proper bash patch it still causes the sticky underwear problem , EVE replacer and Spicy Armor works fine though.
  10. I can't get lovers work with this. I mean the animation works fine and all, but the undergarment stays on...
  11. Great to see this project's still going strong!!! ^_^
  12. Totaly agree. Its because of the open world and all the potential in it that makes most of their games worthy. I don't touch Fallout, IMHO its meh. And if I have to choose between Oblivion and Skyrim, I'd choose Oblivion. Although I kinda wish that the graphic engine is like Skyrim. If only they would release Oblivion as free for the market, I'm pretty sure someone would probably turn the code to another engine like Unity.
  13. Thank you. No copy is made of the NPC. Most often a script is used to determine the "ENABLE" state of the NPC to set a variable, so in those cases the dialogue to resurrect them might not show up at all. Other times I've used a "GETSTAGEDONE" condition so you may see the dialogue to "resurrect" those NPC's. You can either ignore that selection or pick it and the NPC will be resurrected and "MOVETO" you. It will not conflict so much with MCS unless using a "WAIT" function which will then just zap them back to the location of the Wait area I would assume. "Do Free" will not be affected because all that does is record the specific OBJECTID Reference for later manipulation. I hope this answers your question. Hohoho... Cooool!! I'm gonna "reform" those babes!!! 3:)
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