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  1. Thank you, I'll certainly check those out, I saw Hardship and was thinking about it, but didn't search enough to see the others I suppose. Yeah, I was hoping there might be a really good addiction mod on here, but I can certainly try just working with the base game's system.
  2. NSFW obviously lol. Alright, I'll be sure to look into this, thank you. I had a good amount of experience modding Skyrim, but moving onto a new game even by the same developer can be very different.
  3. As the title says; I've really only played this game a small amount before, but I recently decided I wanted to play again and try playing a new way. I want to play a street meat raider/slave and was looking for mod recommendations. If this isn't quite in the right forum directory I apologize, just looking for some assistance if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some help. (Side note: also want to make her a drug/chem addict if possible)
  4. I ask because if you're loading a save that had the mod (but was later removed) you'll experience that issue a fair amount. If you had the weapons in your inventory it might be best to reinstall the mod, get rid of the weapons, then uninstall again. Or if you have an older save from before you installed the mod in the first place that is even better.
  5. I don't expect it's a mod conflict, or that you're missing any master files for it, but I'd still download LOOT and Mod Manager and see if something is up in either of those. Are you by chance loading a save after removing the mod in question?
  6. That's fair, but I've definitely experienced crashes shortly after the game loads and everyone is T-posing. I guess they did say after main menu, but still.
  7. If you have Mod Manager you can check all your active mods and see if there is a missing master or mod conflict, that's probably your issue. Could also be something that added animations and you didn't run FNIS. What mod did you add last night?
  8. What mod are you referring to? You should really be replying to the mod's thread and not starting a new one here, honestly.
  9. LL is like that girl you talk to online who has a bunch of music recommendations. Some of them hit just right, others just aren't your cup of tea, but you appreciate them anyway.
  10. I don't want to be condescending, but are you saving after you make changes in the animation registry? That's the only thing I can think of; I've never had this specific problem, so I'm only guessing for now. You can try suppressing disabled animations immediately after disabling them, see if that helps?
  11. I definitely get that second half, enemies shouldn't scale hard enough to erase the feeling that my character is growing stronger. Especially in a game where they want you to feel extremely powerful compared to those around you. I can't tell if it's just a lazy practice or just something devs don't think about and just do without realizing it. I personally lean on the side of lazy, but I also don't develop games.
  12. I find myself always trying to play harder difficulties in games after I've spent some time with them. I think after you've beaten a game on it's normal difficulty it's somewhat natural to want to see if you actually understand the game well enough to play the more intense difficulties and see where you stand. That being said as long as the increased difficulty isn't just awfully designed nonsense, I think I always try to play a game I actually enjoyed on a more difficult setting. Some games like Dark Souls just don't seem to work with a difficulty setting, but I might just be biased because I
  13. I'm honestly not sure, I only ever used the Episode 1 file I think. That one only has vanilla children replacers if I'm remembering correctly. I'd just try installing one of the files and testing the files and checking to see if you come across any hostiles in certain dungeons/caves. I don't have a current playthrough going or I'd try it out myself.
  14. Same situation, looking for Episode 1 for LE. If anyone has it, please let me know. (Edit: Preferably with the Cutting Room Floor Patch that I'm fairly certain it had)
  15. I expect the next Elder Scrolls game to be a huge disappointment, but I still hope it exceeds my expectations. I'm currently waiting for Skwind and Skyblivion to be complete for my next adventures in Tamriel. Much as I love the originals, I also wish to see them polished up. Currently I have way too many unplayed, unfinished, or even uninstalled games in my Steam library, I've devoted way too much time to these sandboxes doing the same thing I've done 100 times over to touch them again right now. I love these games (admittedly I only ever use Skyrim to watch characters fuck anymore) but I won'
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