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  1. ...... that's awesome now i just have to get past the learning curve and i think i will love MO thank you for the adv
  2. thank you all for the advice and unfortunately i am in category 2 which is why im asking about more detail so i can understand better at how modding works like i know the game loads things in a certain order. but im trying to figure out what order that is exactly this load order was by Bethesda. and one more thing im moving to mod organizer but was wondering if someone can explain the difference between plug-ins and mods for me. TY in advance for i tend to come and go like a drifter in the horizon
  3. Welp to start this off How Accurate is this Load Order? is there a better way or ideas to improve upon this 1) Patches and bug fixes 2) Big mods and overhauls that affect the entire game 3) Quest mods (big or small) 4) Environments/weather Overhauls 5) Large add-ons that add cities/towns/land masses 6) Adds buildings to current cities/towns 7) Plants and foliage mods for the entire game 8) Gameplay changes/tweaks/add-ons such as combat/magic/perks/etc 9) Changes/add-ons to NPCs 10) Visual/textural/atmospheric changes 11) Sound/audio
  4. not sure if you solved this yet or not but try the mod (Random Sex) at https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/395-random-sex-mod-for-sexlab-2016-09-17/
  5. thank you for the response ill try that right now. EDIT: IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU!!!
  6. okay first time i need to ask for help but i just can't figure out my problem. does anyone know how make make my futanari to take the male role? i tried gender Bender, Sexlab sex Change, And i even tried to load as a guy char but no matter what i take female position. why is this? PLS HELP!!!
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