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  1. While some may find it boring, I say never be afraid to use some down time in the story to set up things for later chapters. That lie to Amelie is a great set up for future events. If I have to watch a sex scene and some characters chatting it up, I'm fine with that. 👍
  2. Soulgem Oven and Soulgem Pregnancy seems to cause an infinite orgasm gush after sex animations (female character). Anyone else noticing this?
  3. Try manually resetting all animations...only the tricycle animation was working for me until I did this.
  4. I'm having an issue where if I'm enslaved, and start a sex scene with the owner, my character starts wearing a strap-on and the actors don't align anywhere close to each other. Is this just me?
  5. So there aren't missions for Sara?...because she messaged me, but no different conversations....my game seems to freeze a lot too
  6. Eve lets me know that her and Titus can be followers but when I talk to her, there is no option for that...and Titus just flat out ignores me....is this normal?
  7. I seem to be missing the wings of the dragon mutation...did I do something wrong?
  8. My character doesn't have the claws coming out of her fingers.....have I done something wrong : / ?
  9. I just want wings and black (dragon) mutation looks better sexier than deathclaw brown. Btw is there possibility to adjust approach chance by deathclaws? Talk to Lucy about "all the fucking going on around here"......not sure, but it may also affect Riverside
  10. Strange bug with my gargoyle. When ever it uses Defeat on someone, he no longer fights. It'll engage in combat....it just won't attack.
  11. Deathclaws all day!...but I should probably still share a bug I encountered. I was starting the Coyote quest, I got to the part where you black-out from gangbang and the coyote saves you from the other animal...but as my screen cleared I got a second text box where "Bro" is telling you to stay down. This causes me to start another sex animation by myself while the Coyote is saving me. By the time I finish the animation and the Coyote has won, I remain stuck, unconscious on the ground, Coyote just sits there and watches me....anyone else?
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