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  1. Braaavo Lucas, I think it was a really good idea two separated topics!! "Im too much old for that shit" (Letal Weapon) Thanks 4 the new humans animation!!
  2. Many Thanks by me also, now many Clydie and Lucas Animation will WORK!!! Let me say thank you so much Storm, Lucas, Clydie for the great job done it till now. Storm, I will send you a PM with the Italian translation for the new passion interactions, its a small present (but better than nothing or hater) for say thank you.
  3. Yes of course I saved the game every times but when I reload the game, I dont know why, after some minutes the vampire configuration is auto-switched in: (enable) vampire interaction, (disabled) vampire visit at night, (disabled)vampire hypnosex, (disabled)vampire evil fighter. and I saved the last game with this set up:(disabled) vampire interaction, (disabled) vampire visit at night, (disabled)vampire hypnosex, (disabled)vampire evil fighter. Thats why I told you somethig strange.... but its ok untill now no more collateral effects! nothig else. Thank you again for everything!
  4. Well done mr. Storm!!! Well done! After one hour of gameplay I can officialment say "the Rat is on the Bag". The auto-switch continue but the problem left. THANK YOU SO MUCH my friend!
  5. Thanks Lucas For the update!!! Always great man! stay safe🤙
  6. Ok, it was the first thing what I've done but nothing is changed. untill now I try to: disabled all singol vampire interaction. Nothing deleted all cache files from EA folder. Nothing total reset of the city with mastercontroller. Nothing when I disabled vampire interaction, vampire visit at night, vampire hypnosex, vampire evil fighter, they stay disabled only for some minutes and in that minutes the EA interaction (and passion too) work well as normal. After some minutes the vampire configuration was auto-switched in: (enable) vampire interaction, (disabled) vampire visit at night, (disabled)vampire hypnosex, (disabled)vampire evil fighter and the problem reapper again ( the ordinary EA actions are interrupted suddenly ). Please tell me if I can do somenthing other and thank you so much for your help!
  7. Hey guys, first of all thank you so much Mr. Storm to share with us the last update. RESPECT. Talking about it, I dont understood why/what/whore/how(?), after the update my game have a problem. The ordinary EA actions are interrupted suddenly and that appen a lot of time.... with ordinary action i mean ex: sim go to eat something but after some steps the action is interrupted. After 2 hours of gameplay Im gonna get cRaZy a bit. Please help this poor cRazY man! my game version is1.63 (maybe can help you). I never had this problem with all your version before. I seen maybe something... In my world I ve got only humans so I set up NO to the "enable vampire interaction". the strange thing is...after some minutes if I check the set up is auto-changed in" enable vampire interaction "YES. and the problem going on.... is it a BuG?? Big thanks.
  8. Hey lucas, great job!!! in Italy we say Bravo!! You are an artist! thats the way man! THANKS, cause people like you (and many others in this kinky communuty) give us different (funny) way to live this game. respect
  9. Wellcome back here Mr. Storm!!! "Sky is the only limit"
  10. thank you so much Scorpio for sharing NRass 1.63! you don't know how long I was looking for. never say never!! thanks again man
  11. yes we can, download passion mod and have fun. say thank you to the genius creator TwilighStorm
  12. Mary Jane, wonderfull to see you again! omg about your spine, so sad Get well
  13. Ciao guys, I try to download the 11v but... someone kwon what/why happens? Thanks in advance
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