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  1. Thanks! I think it was a way for me to handle some character development/arc for Jenny. Originally, the multiple Jenny thing was not part of my larger story outline. Weridly, I got the idea of the drugged part from a scene in the recent Netflix Dark Crystal series I did my best to work around the incomplete areas of my scene because I wasnt able to use CreationKit to finish up spaces/cells. In Part 2, you will notice that the rooms and hallways have no ceiling.
  2. Thanks so much! I realized that I mentioned back in chapter 1 that I was going for a Numeneria style theme, but at the same time didnt show enough scifiDecor around the city. So yeah, I was aiming for a cyberpunk style theme in the market, hence the noodle shop and billboards of half naked women. I also got the quantum idea from the AntMan movie:
  3. Manic I think may be the best term? But yeah, there's probably some Freudian, psycho-sexual analysis to determine if your multiple personas orgasm is considered masturbation But thanks so much for the comments as the original setting as you mentioned back in chapter 1 is tricky to do.
  4. Funny enough, I would have to look away from those panels as well as I may have done too good of a job because I could also feel my eyes start to strain looking at the drugged effects too
  5. I love the color tone and palette for the first set of shots! it really shows off the scenery so well and the multiple layers Nora's white dress! And holy fuck that kitten strut around his legs....HOT!!
  6. Really cute story! You know I’ve never thought of using that Cube like a companion cube. i was getting Wheatley/R2D2 vibes from it and hope we get to see it again On the last two pics, it did take me a few extra seconds to figure out to whom the red and white bubbles were coming from. I don’t know if it’s because of the white text bubble, but it took me a few moments to notice the two flying machines (though really pretty looking btw). Maybe have one shot much closer to one of them in the foreground with the other in the mid/background?
  7. -Holy cow! My heart stopped when I saw the shot with all of those guests! My Skyrim would’ve crashed from that! That said, did you have them placed in CK first then teleported there, or did you go there and “placeatme” your NPCs in? -When Nora asked him not to be rough shoving his cock in her mouth, for a moment I thought her fear was the poison could spread from his blood to his semen. Was that the reason or something else I missed?
  8. Glad to have a SFW chapter to read without fear of wife/kids looking over my shoulder! I always find aloof type characters like Emma fun to read!
  9. Amazes how your write Cass’s aloof naïveté that it never gets old! it’s weird how as much as she has sex, she still feels innocent and pure 😍
  10. After losing track of time in the village, Jenna rushes back to Korinth in hopes she did not miss her appointment with the armorsmith. Along the way, she stumbles upon former Scientists from the Institute. She learns that they developed a way to travel between dimensions and realms without the need for gates or portals. Will Jenna use this moment to go back home and leave her life at Erywon behind? Part 1 Part 2 Dark Ascension: Horizon, Book 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7: Part 1 Chapter 7: Parts 2 and 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 "SPECIAL" Chapter 10 Dark Ascension, Book 1 Chapter 1: Fortune's Bedfellows Chapter 2: Reaper's Covenant Chapter 3: Journey's Shadowed Path Chapter 4: Essence Awakenings Chapter 5:Secrets Under the Stairs Chapter 6: Vestal's Order Chapter 7: Veracity’s Twilight Chapter 8: Pawns in Portension’s Shadow Chapter 9: Hath Thee in Thrall Chapter 10: No Tomorrow Chapter 11: In the Mouth of Chaos and Lust Chapter 12: The Laconic Pathway Chapter 13: Divine Pestilence Chapter 14: Lascivious Connections Chapter 15: Cross the Rubikon Dark Ascension, Initiates' Tales -From the Drunna’s Den Blog- Part 1: Initiation of Innocence Part 2: Lustful Maneuvers
  11. Character = sexy lighting = fabulous Room = gorgeously awesome!
  12. Love Cassidey’s personality, and enjoy reading her dialogues. I admit, I was expecting g Cassidey to admit she had a very garlicky meal after the vampire disintegrated.
  13. Nice story! However now I need to go back and read your story from the beginning! So I am guilty of this as well, but noticed in some spots you are using the same verbs around spoken dialogue within a section or paragraph ex: said and hissed. While not required for every instance, but paragraphs when you use “said <person>“ several times in a row, maybe reorder sentence structures and use other speaking verbs to give a variety of different “said“ action verbs or descriptors.
  14. Nice hot scene. It seemed that you probably copied and pasted from another document but I would strongly to reformat the story text as it’s a giant wall of text making it difficult to read to keep track which line one is reading. The problem is not just being able to read, but formatting them into paragraphs and using more period punctuations will organize and communicate your story better. In addition, it also helps the reader feel the rhythm of the action better which IMO is important for intimate scene like yours 😃
  15. I’ll search through my files if I can find the texture I used. But yeah, you may need to plan out shot angle and find contrasting background behind it if you want the crop to be visible as in the picture below
  16. Nice work! Did you use F.E.P. for the expressions? For the very last shot, I’ve used “Pain 01” then “Shift + Mood Fear” to get a more expressive pain look. It makes the eyebrows curl up a little and eyes widen more. I do wish whoever created the “riding crop” mesh would make the shaft a little thicker and the crop part larger as I often in other people’s screenshots (mine included) that it disappears into the background because it is so thin.
  17. Oh. My. Gawd. That is one hellofa written scene and crazy hot! Love these deep angles in your shots and no idea how I missed your blog. Gonna go back and catch up on the other 5 posts!!! Also, your posts feature photo is awesome, very dynamic motion/energy. Drew me to quickly in to click your blog!!!
  18. Love Bunny Sparkles! As always, I always enjoy your dialogues between juxtaposing character types! Also, your character here reminded me a lot of Vilga from the Cummoner WebComic series (not sure if you heard of her, but you’ll love it)
  19. I’m glad you found it amazing! Thanks for your enthusiastic comments. It helps so much yo motivate me to keep on going
  20. the quest reward was pulled from Viva La Dirt League. Originally it was to address my perplexed thoughts in MMOs I used to play (Conan, Tera, AION etc.) where low tier female armor fully covered the body, but as you got to higher and more elite armor, the material got less and less -hence why it was originally called elite guard armor. But i couldn’t get the writing in the buildup and surprise right and then remembered the bikini chainmail.
  21. Well . . . .This entry was supposed to be a celebration of the release of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC! In addition, Chapter 10 of "Dark Ascension: Horizon" was planned to release on the 2-year Anniversary of the Dark Ascension story on August 30th! However . . . a week ago, I needed to update both my graphics card driver and Windows 10 and something afterwards caused my Skyrim to stop working. I can get Skyrim working but its been running on and off in regards to stability. Therefore with my Skyrim being unstable and my real life job starting back up, I have no idea when the next chapter of Dark Ascension will release - which really, really, really sucks as it's a very important chapter. Horizon Zero Dawn Chapter 9: Samurai Ghost of Tsushima Inspired Title Screens Concept Practice with color adjustment and texture overlays Concept Practice with Action and Lighting -Also wearing the armor I was originally planning to use Red Garden Location Chapter 7: Jenna's Mindworld Testing the lighting and textures on a new, Custom-Built Cell Drunna at Karlov Manor
  22. Oh my gosh, I am tongue-tied at your story (esp the sexy stuff with her daughter!) But those Wraith Tongues are so much fun to use arent they? It was also fun to see the same NPC (or similar) used in our stories as I also used Maven as Mother Superior in Dark Ascension (but with Ordinary NPC skyrim mod)
  23. Gorgeous eyes and gosh I love that texture of her robes! I love how the color and texture of the robes looked in the lighting!
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