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  1. The transparency goes wrong when meshes overlap. The transparency method does not provide a solution, so you must eliminate mesh overlap. However, eliminating overlap is not a perfect solution. This is because it is easy to eliminate mesh overlap in swimwear with a simple structure, but it is difficult to do so in swimwear with a complicated structure. If you eliminate the mesh overlap, the difference between the left and right breasts will appear as shown in the image below.
  2. For transparency, there is probably no way to solve the problem with the methods currently provided. For matte, Marie body type swimsuit seems to be different from other types (common/Honoka body type) of swimsuit. This swimsuit may have a matte design by default (although it may be just a bug).
  3. before update: e88a8e41c01e60bbf5dce3f78390cf86e7ee589178207037cd1ede36090c2cb0 after update: d6ac7bee1646aa66c640f3f36d987bd6ca0f557db18a5cf540b4679eebcd087e It will change again. (Update) The special event is over. With the game update, it has reverted to the original file.
  4. [experiment] take off towels.webm [experiment] take off towels.webm
  5. HI_Leifang_[nipple-size]_[public-size]_[labia-shape]_[crotch-tatoo].dds see #2185
  6. There is a mod (for Misaki, blue eyes and gold hair) by Ghost-writer. BTW, You may be able to make your own MOD by referring to useful tutorial #1 (see section "Change color eyes"). I tried it lightly, but Photoshop is not required.
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