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  1. Yes. The texture provided by HI-METAL is 2K (2048x2048 pixel).
  2. The body below has only 117 (0-116) vertex groups. The body seems to lack about 18 vertex groups in the buttocks and thighs. The weight of the 18 vertex groups can be automatically interpolated by weight transfer, but usually it does not have a beautiful shape.
  3. I tried applying the following mod, but there is no particular problem in my environment (DMM version). Are you applying multiple mods to the swimsuit?
  4. The following code (your code) replaces the swimsuit texture with the body texture. So the result in the image is correct. ("f205d51b" is a swimsuit IB hash. "MarieRose_m_c.dds" is the body texture.) [TextureOverrideMarie] hash = f205d51b ps-t0 = ResourceMarieRose unless_null [ResourceMarieRose] filename = MarieRose_m_c.dds If you are trying to create a transparent square bikini mod, you need to change the way.
  5. If you change to the following code, the error will disappear. (Change "this" to "ps-t0". Add ps-t1 and ps-t2 if necessary.) [TextureOverrideSkirt_color] hash = 91237e56 match_first_index = 36732 if $color == 1 ;this = resourceSkirt_color ps-t0 = resourceSkirt_color endif [TextureOverrideSkirt_color1] hash = 91237e56 match_first_index = 30867 if $color == 1 ;this = resourceSkirt_color1 ps-t0 = resourceSkirt_color1 endif
  6. CC has replaced the takao/dewa swimsuits, but the swimsuits does not have a tail. (of course, there is no tail on the body) It is natural that the shape is collapse by automatic weight transfer, so I think that you will have to manually adjust the weight of the tail using the weight paint tool. The easiest way is to apply the weight evenly to the appropriate (estimated) vertex groups. In other words, the tail does not deform. For example: In takao/dewa swimsuits, there are probably no vertex groups for moving the tails, so I think it's difficult to create deforming tails.
  7. The sample code is a mod for "Wind Rider Glasses", but for DMM version. I'm not using the Steam version, so I'm not sure, but maybe the hash is different. By the way, these glasses do not have weight (vertex groups), so the display position is adjusted by the coordinates in the blender. I don't know what kind of accessories are offered in the Steam version released several years later than the DMM version, but it may be better to choose accessories that are easier to replace than glasses. For example: If I create a mod, I might use: (Marie's tail matches, but her chest.... Fiona has a slightly different tail, but a pink hair mod is provided.)
  8. Tamaki, Luna --> 2B Momiji, Leifang --> A2 Helena --> Sephiroth
  9. If you apply the appropriate vertex groups (weight paint) to your objects, I think it will work. My Leifang is sometimes angry because I touch it 😊
  10. First, the glasses can be replaced. You can also replace it with a primitive object such as a rectangle. Below is the sample code for testing.primitive.ib primitive.vb [TextureOverrideGlassLens1] hash = 81d90b62 match_first_index = 2880 vb0 = ResourceGlassLensVB ib = ResourceGlassLensIB drawindexed = auto handling = skip [TextureOverrideGlassLens2] hash = 81d90b62 match_first_index = 0 handling = skip [TextureOverrideGlassFrame] hash = b10b53ad handling = skip [ResourceGlassLensVB] type = Buffer stride = 24 filename = primitive.vb [ResourceGlassLensIB] type = Buffer format = DXGI_FORMAT_R16_UINT filename = primitive.ib [ShaderOverrideGlassLens2] hash = e65da9cac98c952d run = CommandListClothes On the game screen, you can see that even if the same body type, Leifang and Ayane have different chest size and shape. So, if you use such a part in a mod that adds a new object, you will get different results for each character.
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