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  1. The demist.ini file is the same as you. The swimsuit glows dimly (like wearing an aura) even if all mods are disabled. You can see it by taking a photo in the pool during the evening hours. You can eliminate the reflection by replacing a shader or changing the shader parameters (eg, xxxxx.buf file), but I think this is also an advanced technique.
  2. For example, here's how to create a new mesh and edit the UVmap. It's a lot of work, but the result looks like this. Another option is to transplant the mesh from another body.
  3. The momiji's swimsuit is a 4star swimsuit. You can remove the jacket using "blender" and "text editor". I don't have the 4star swimsuit so I won't create one, but if successful it will probably look like this:
  4. Please refer to the technique here. By practicing the technique, you will be able to:
  5. The solution is to identify the mod that is include "Anaye.dds" and rewrite ini file in the mod. I don't know which mod, so it's just for reference. 1) Search for the ini file for the following description. 2) For example, rewrite as follows.
  6. I think it can be improved by using the following mesh editing techniques. I will explain briefly. You cut mesh at (1) in the image. Therefore, such a result is obtained. If I do, cut the mesh at (2) in the image.
  7. It's a paid swimsuit. After purchasing the baseball swimsuit (including the bat) at the owner's shop, you need to give her both the baseball swimsuit and the bat. The paid swimsuit is available in the DMM version.
  8. Perhaps that weird object is the lining of a swimsuit (velvet time). In such cases, look up the shader hash value of the weird object with frame analysis and add the shader hash value to your mod file (eg d3dx.ini). This will allow you to do frame analysis (dump) and skip. As shown below, if you refer to d3dx.ini, there is a description such as ShaderOverrideXXX. There are two shader hash values, vs (vertex shader) and ps (pixel shader). I think ps is better.
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