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  1. i need help, ok to summarize everything, im following the instructions to download fair manga i did everything how it says but in body sliders i can find CBBE BODY HDT but i cant fair manga anywhere in the presets please help


    1. moyyo


      never mind, i figured it out, thanks

  2. Oh and nice posing you did there, I give it 3 "thumbs" up XD

  3. Is there anyway to see the pussycats pose pictures uncensored? The ones I have added to the message I mean



  4. You CAN use this mod with other replacer mods. Simply load your chosen replacer mods' .esp after this mod's .esp. That should do the trick. You're welcome. ? Yes, you are right. Anyone having mesh or texture issues should make sure they have installed ALL PARTS of the base file. I have tested this repeatedly with Safety Load, and I never get infinite loading screen. I am not sure what is causing your issue, but there may be another conflict on your end. Something else might be causing your infinite loading screen. ? Yes, you are correct. That is the path which contains the meshes used in this mod. Anything you replace or change there will show up in game. From my experience with LoversLab, that does happen occasionally. Sometimes, files simply won't download properly from this site. I usually just wait a few hours to a few days, then try to re-download the files that failed to download. It usually works after a few tries.
  5. Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans to port this to SSE. Although if anyone wants to do it, they may do so. ? Currently, the only way to change their bodies is to replace the meshes manually. ?
  6. I included the DLCs as requirement for this mod because some items used were from the DLCs. So unfortunately, they are needed. Unfortunately there are no plans to add that. It shouldn't be bugged. I've tried it several times, and never encountered any problems with her face. Perhaps it is caused by something else on your end? ? The original facegen files can be extracted from the .bsa
  7. It is included in the original mod. I'm sorry, I don't quite remember. It might be RealVision.
  8. It's a good body preset ?? Unfortunately, there are no plans to do so.
  9. Unfortunately there are no plans to do so. But whoever wants to convert it are welcome to do it. This mod has not been tested with cum inflate mod. But as far as I know, the body meshes used in the outfits should be compatible with belly scaling. ? It's a good thing you found a solution to your issue. ? Yes you are right. This body preset mod requires a CBBE compatible body texture (such as the one you linked) to work nicely. There are recommended textures listed in the description page of this mod. Unfortunately, I was not given permission to port this body mod to SSE. However, the preset may still be used there. Just not the meshes. You may port the preset to SSE if you want. But, remember, ONLY THE PRESET. ?
  10. There have always been plans to expand this to all other holds. The only problem is the lack of time. ?
  11. You can have only the custom NPCs by moving the .esp file of your other NPC overhaul mod to the bottom (below the .esp file of Skyrim Adult Celebrities).
  12. Unfortunately, there are no plans to do that. ? Some of the characters have pubes, some don't.
  13. You should NOT extract the files ending in .002, .003, and .004. Only extract the files ending in .001 (but make sure the files ending in .001, .002, .003, and .004 are all in the same folder).
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