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  1. Skyrim in 3rd person, I'm the cameraman following the (mis)adventures of the heroine Other games..., depends on the game and the challenges it poses, the way it conveys the story, the way you relete to the protagonist... ect.. Cheers
  2. yup, i'd recommend moving "View Community Rules" and "Help Support LoversLab" at the top of the page frames instead of the bottom Cheers
  3. didn't want to open a new thread so.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 'ya lot' 🥂 Cheers
  4. I really like the reboot one (on the left) more, those muscles are in line with all the feats one usually see her doing in the games. Waxed, trimmed or wild i care less, depends on how you want to portrait her most of the time she is stranded in the middle of nowhere without equipment, try to wax in the icy weather of syberia or tell me how she'll look like after one month on the andes in peru. My gut impression is that the Lara on the left is more 'the tomb raider', a no nonsense type of woman, focused on the objectives and 'get out of my way or I plow through' The one on
  5. Hi, somewhat difficult to compare as the 2 figures are in different environments, radical different attire and framed differently in the images first thing that pops out is image nr 1 looks more original tomb raider while the second looks more like the reboot one. to choose one needs to see where those two figures are placed and interact, a sylized lara in a realistic environment (and vice versa) would look oop. Cheers
  6. CW Neytrality lets you do a couple of things, skip the CW quests, can skip the council quest, and can buy Hjerim (and unbugs Blood and Ice quests) To your question, the CWN modifies some files, so a mod aware of those changes would not pose incompatibility problems. Cheers
  7. Vortex for me is the nexus download manager, then I use the various mod managers for the games I have like MO2, Fluffy, Snakebite, Fomm, Frosty ect. 2c. Cheers
  8. I'd be interested in a mod that indifferently if you chose a side or remain neutral (CW neutrality mod), forces the player to service the various camps strewn across skyrim Cheers
  9. What follower manager have you installed? Because if the follower is not recognized as being in the follower pool a mod like UFO EFF NNF ect might have interfered
  10. LL is my anchor in my sea of madness
  11. how about this? Wet Function Redux for LE Wet Function Redux for SE Cheers
  12. Oddly enought (if we are on the same page in the meaning of the term) in my experience I witnessed more (influential/authoritative) ignorance coupled with presumptousness than old plain stupididy. But I agree on the swarm effect, and it is even proved by the "law of truly large numbers" and some results have catastrofic effect sometimes even on a global scale. Cheers
  13. Hmmmm Slaverun + no licenses + no gold = wrench in the game play. It would defeat the base on which Slaverun was implemented and you would be sold through 'simple slavery'. Story and meta wise, Pike the slavemaster, knows what you are and that is why you are allowed adventuring and also an escort (Bellamy's brother). You are the only one sent out to 'convert' the various towns. You are the one nearly all Aedra and Daedra seems interested in. So, IMO in gameplay construction, slaverun does not look like it is meant for a Bimbo run, a weak girl yes but with a functioning head
  14. Skyrim sewers, works wonderful for a quick in and out. Slaves have to pay, it is the base on why slavery was reinstated after all. The slave master forces a lot of jobs to raise money for him and the jarl coffers. So actually if you are considered slave, I would suggest that guards sometimes "forget" you payed and a) force you to pay again b) have a go with you plus potions and tats. I would even consider suggesting to split the slider for the cost in 1 normal towns, 2 slaverun towns free woman, 3 slaverun towns slave. Cheers
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