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  1. Okay, so here's where my inexperience with modding becomes apparent. There is a small typo in the xxx.cs file that's causing the mood for zoophiles having sex with animals to go off incorrectly. public static readonly ThoughtDef zoophile_got_bred = DefDatabase<ThoughtDef>.GetNamed("ZoophileGotBredByAnimal"); public static readonly ThoughtDef zoophile_got_anal_bred = DefDatabase<ThoughtDef>.GetNamed("ZoophileGotBredByAnimal"); However, I can't seem to actually do anything with the source files. I'm guessing this is because all this code is already in the mod and the "Source" folder is just for people who want to see the source code. This guess is based off the fact I was able to delete the entire source folder at one point without affecting the mod. If this is the case, how do I get to the actual mod itself to make this correction? As there are a few other things I wish to change in the .cs files as well (completely turning off size and wilderness preferences for one, as well as investigating why the "override vanilla lovin/matin" options in debug don't seem to actually be doing anything and see if I can either fix it or jury rig a workaround.)
  2. So I tested it some more and, for some reason, it seems that wildness is why the colonists were being so selective. For some reason taking a donkey up to 80 wildness doesn't affect its suitability at all, but taking a warg down to 0 does.
  3. Yeah, I have an entire zoo's worth of tamed animals in the colony including a bear, two foxes, a warg, a boar, etc, etc. The donkey has a wildness of 3% and the stallion has a wildness of 50% so that covers most of the possible range. Everyone is maximum tamed as well. But despite all this, the only two animals getting any action (without me telling the pawns to manually) are the stallion and the donkey. It's bizarre. Oh, and a bug report while I'm here: it seems that there's supposed to be different thoughts for anal and vaginal sex with animals, but I've never seen the anal one, despite it happening on quite a frequent basis. EDIT: Can confirm wildness isn't a factor. Jacked the donkey's wildness up to 80% and it still didn't change anything.
  4. So, for some reason my pawns seem perfectly happy to drag equines(?) into their rooms for a quick session automatically when their desire reaches the necessary point, but not any other animal. So far I've seen it with horses, donkeys, and a steer that was staying over temporarily. Is there a way to make it so they do it for all animals?
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