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  1. Yeah, ther will be a lot of possibilities, like harems
  2. Hi everybody. I know Mount and blade Bannerlord is not out yet and then, we do not know if it will be easy to create mods for it, but I was wondering if is there someone thinking about to make sex mods with this game. Keeping in mind M&B Warband mecanics, it would be great to have mods to allow your character to get into a bourdel, sell his or her own body, get sex with his or her warband companions or why not, get sex with prisioners. I`ll be attentive to the date release. Greetings!
  3. I´m part of this community since a few years for skyrim an I thought that has passed too much time since I should say "hi everyone"... I just hope nobody takes an insult because my delay. PD. ¡Leito is the animators good!
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